WhatsApp For Android Gets Picture-in-Picture Feature For All Users


WhatsApp for iPhone recently got a new button for group video calls. The feature has been rolling out with the latest WhatsApp stable version 2.18.380.

However, WhatsApp for Android has now brought the anticipated Picture-in-Picture (PiP) feature for all users. The feature, which arrived in beta back in October, is rolling to Android users through the WhatsApp stable version 2.18.380.

This new feature essentially lets you watch Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube videos in a small window and continue to scroll through WhatsApp chats simultaneously. When a link from a third-party video link appears on WhatsApp, one can find the video card with a blurred version of the thumbnail image, as well as the platform logo. On tapping the link, the PiP mode makes the video played over the top half of the chat window, which users can choose to convert to full-screen viewing, while users can also operate the video timeline bar below, to scroll to or past different segments.

Once the video starts playing in PiP mode, it floats on WhatsApp’s screen, allowing you to continue chatting while watching the video. Notably, you can even go back and chat with another user as the video continues to play – it won’t stop unless you specifically swipe it away. The feature upgrades WhatsApp experience, especially for those who couldn’t use Android’s split screen feature.

While the Facebook-owned platform is expected to expand support across more platforms, major social media platforms have been included for PiP mode. Users can check for WhatsApp version 2.18.380 through the Google Play Store, or consider updating their app to use the same. This mode can be used for both individual chats and group chats, and is compatible across Android devices.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp is reported to introduce a host of new features for its users. These include dark mode, sharing contact via QR code, multi-shares file and more. Spotted for both Android and iOS WhatsApp users, the dark mode on WhatsApp will be similar to that of other platforms like YouTube, Google Maps, Twitter. Also, the upcoming feature of sharing contact QR code will be similar to the Nametag feature of Instagram.

To recall, iOS users received the same feature in early 2018 when there was not even a single sign of this capability on Android beta. Either way, better late than never. The feature is being rolled out now with the latest iteration of WhatsApp.