Waymo Takes Final Steps to Launch Its Self-Driving Car


Waymo – known earlier as the Google self-driving car project – is almost into its final steps to launch the driverless car. It recently released videos of people reacting to what it actually looks like riding inside a Waymo driverless car.

In a statement made later, Waymo said that it felt thrilled as the passengers yawned and even fell asleep while inside the car.

With the new trial runs, the experience of riding inside a car piloted by AI has become a thrilling and real experience.

Earlier this year at the SXSW, the Waymo CEO John Crafcik showed how the volunteers of the company’s Early Rider program hopped into the driverless Chrysler Pacifica minivans. The short videos show how the volunteers taxied in the car to their destinations.

We can also see that the riders are clearly delighted to see the car accelerating and turning on its own with some people commenting that the thrilling experience actually represented the future of driving.

However, it is evident from the videos that having someone at the wheel who is strictly trained just to drive and obey all traffic rules and who cannot talk with the passengers will get a bit monotonous gradually.

As the driving continued, from being excited to being bored, the riders started to take their phones out, yawn and, as in the case of one rider, fell asleep as the drive continued.

The release of the video is part of the company’s public campaign to make people trust self-driving cars. Recently, Waymo also released a video to show people how these AI piloted cars actually ‘see’ things to stress their point about how AI avoids people and obstacles at all times. So far, the Alphabet-owned company’s self-driving cars have driven more than 5 million miles on the US roads.