Water Abundance XPRIZE Finalists Compete To Collect Water From Air


Despite being a necessity for life, it’s very hard to find clean and drinkable water in most of the regions of this world which may be due to climate change, global warming, change of infrastructure or the water wars across the world.

Adding to that, the recent changes in our lifestyle have made rivers lakes and other water bodies to dry to their core making it difficult to find enough water for our day do day life.

XPRIZE, known for conducting public competitions that benefit humanity, has recently announced its new competition where participants have to develop new methodologies to extract water from the atmosphere.

Some of the requirements to participate in the competition include:

  • The device must be able to extract at least 2,000 liters of water per day from the atmosphere.
  • The device should use 100 per cent renewable energy.
  • The cost of the extracted pure water should not be over 2 cents per liter.

Well, if you think that the guidelines are straight out of a science fiction movie. Wait until you read the next line. The organization has announced the five finalists who have made it to the top and will be sharing the $1 million milestone prize equally to further their projects.

Here are the devices that made to the finals:

Hydro Harvest:

The device is designed by an Australian Team and focuses on keeping the costs down. They’ve designed an engine that is emission-free and generates electricity from waste heat. The team, which is based out of the University of Newcastle, is probably going way back to the basics with their newly invented engine that will further enable them in water condensation.


This hybrid device from a Chicago team uses both natural and engineered systems that will help them in extracting water from atmosphere. As of now, not much is known about their project and design details.

JMCC Wing:

This one uses a combination of wind and solar power and is considered as one of the best wind energy harvester designed for the purpose. The unit also includes a commercial water condenser that focuses on extracting water with cheaper energy.

Veragon & Thinair:

The team explains that their system will enhance the water condensation process rapidly. It will not only help in producing fresh water, but also ensures that the water is packed with minerals.


This project from Hyderabad, India, focuses on a solar-powered device that actually doesn’t use any solar cells but the sun’s rays and the device’s design play a vital role in condensing water that is though warm when extracted.