TypingDNA Identifies People By Their Typing Patterns


TypingDNA, a start-up which is also a part of ongoing class at Techstars NYC, is working on a new approach to identify users by looking at how they type. It have even recently, launched a new extension for Chrome to verify user identity based on their typing patterns.

The main motive behind the approach is to make it an alternative to the two-factor authentication process required while trying to log on a different device.

The main drawback with the two-factor authentication is that you can’t use a different device (which is probably a phone on which a security code is sent) like when you are on a plane and can’t switch on your mobile.

Instead of reaching out to your phone, TypingDNA allows the users to just type their username and password and then analyses their typing to confirm that it’s really them who are trying to log in.

TypingDNA is working with business partners to integrate the technology and is launching a free extension for Chrome users as an alternative to the two-step authentication. Initially, the feature will be available on some services including Gmail, Coinbase and Amazon Web Services.

Raul Popa of TypingDNA informed that the way it works is also very unique and measures two basic aspects of the user’s typing: How long you press a specific key and how long does it take to swap around the keys.

Seemingly, the patterns differ for each individual and the system can easily tell the difference if it is the original user or someone else as it can analyse and verify recorded patterns based on previous patterns from the real owner.

This behavioural biometrics authentication will allow the users to login securely for making online payments and different text scenarios based on their typing patterns.