Samsung Teams With Harman To Further SmartThings Development


Samsung announced that it is teaming up Internet of Things (IoT) developer Harman to further accelerate the development of SmartThings connected devices and apps.

Samsung has purchased Harman in 2014 for $200 million and since then Harman is carrying out development of IoT products enabling Samsung to expand its product line while also working on the services related to Samsung’s existing products.

As part of its SmartThings development, Herman will focus on key development tasks including the development and deployment of SmartThings apps and will also work on introducing sensors developed by third parties to the Samsung product line. It will also play a key role in developing a roadmap to SmartThings and SmartThings Cloud.

SmartThings was in fact one of the earliest companies that worked on a complete IoT ecosystem as early as 2012 when it raised a $3 million seed funding and displayed its products at CES 2013 where the company showed that it could easily retrofit a house with it smart products and even demonstrated how they could make things easier by working on a rented house in Las Vegas.

However, since Samsung has purchased it, the company has been left far behind even as popular smart technology devices like Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa have furthered their smart devices.

With the new partnership, IoT geeks suggest that now it will up to Harman to keep its earlier promises.