Opera Touch is a Solid Alternative to Safari on the iPhone


Browser company Opera is back doing what it does best, offering you beautifully-designed alternatives to the stock browsers from the likes of Google  and Apple. The company brought its ‘Opera Touch’ browser to iOS to give iPhone owners a new alternative to the basic Safari browser. The Opera Touch browser will become available to download for the iPhone from October 1, via the App Store.

The company claims that the new browser has been designed to “match the beauty, speed and ease of use of the new iPhone line. Today’s new phones have big, beautiful displays, but conventional browsers are yet to adapt to this development. Opera Touch is aimed at people who want to fully appreciate their iPhones. Opera wants iPhone users to try out the Opera Touch as an alternative to the Safari browser.

The Opera Touch browser, as mentioned earlier, is designed for full-screen displays and one-handed usage. Looks and feature-wise the iOS version is at par with the Android version including the same bottom-seated menu bar that conveniently lets you open or close tabs, search, go back or forward all from one spot. It is also at par with other Opera browsers in terms of blocking ads as well as offering protection from cryptojacking.

The Opera Touch, much like any the Opera mobile browser, is designed from grounds up to replace a device’s default browser. Opera is banking on nifty features, and also goes on to say that the Opera Touch is more modern and feature-rich than Safari on the iPhone. Whether or not it will be able to challenge Safari on Apple’s new breed of iPhones, is something only time will tell. Opera Touch will be particularly of interest to owners of the iPhone X or Apple’s newest iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and (upcoming) iPhone XR devices.

Comparing the Opera Touch with Apple’s Safari browser, the company claims that the home screen in former looks more modern than Safari. It dynamically adapts to a user’s browsing patterns and also displays the last tabs from the computer’s browser.

The app also includes Opera’s ‘Flow’ technology which lets a user pass links, images and notes from their phone to an Opera browser on their computer using a “secure and private” connection. All in all, the browser is worth taking for a spin if you have Apple’s new home buttonless devices and seek an alternative to the pre-loaded Safari browser.