Microsoft Pay Comes to Outlook


Microsoft Pay, which the tech giant claims as an efficient way to making online payments easy, safe and secure, is now available for Outlook users and what’s better is that it now integrates with some of the best-known payment processors including Stripe, Braintree, Wave, Sage and others.

Microsoft Pay was launched in 2016 as Microsoft Wallet and was considered that it was an answer to Android Pay and Apple Pay. The present announcement citing the integration of its digital wallet into Outlook was made at Microsoft’s ongoing Build 2018 conference.

This will allow Outlook users to pay a bill directly from the personal webmail without having to either leave Outlook or open another different service or app to make the payment. Rather, a new panel will open towards right of the main panel with by way of the Microsoft Adaptive Cards.

Microsoft said that the service will be initially limited to a few Outlook users for now and more numbers will be included shortly. Microsoft further informed that Braintree and Stripe will be among the payment processors powering the new service as of now and more will be included shortly. Those included among the billing services initially are Intuit, Zuora, Sage, FreshBooks, Wave, Invoice2Go and Xero.

To be clear, businesses that will use a combination of these services will further allow Outlook-using customers to make easy payments. The Adaptive Cards used by Microsoft are part of the integration-friendly developer mechanics that will help the company in reducing the friction in its payment services. As it is capable of effectively covering different aspects of computing, Microsoft is planning to build exactly what an average user wants to do with an app or on screen and is in the process of connecting more bridges to make users avail their services instead of those offered by competitors.

While Microsoft is not a bill payment service provider or an agent, its partners are the ones who will be gaining the commissions done by transactions using Microsoft Pay. However, Microsoft sees this as an opportunity to offer more convenience to its users which will also make them stick more to Outlook compared to other web-based suits.