Microsoft to Host AI Focused Technology Summit in Bengaluru


Technology giant Microsoft is all set to hold a technology summit on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Bengaluru on March 28. The company plans to showcase different cases of AI and its use across various sectors.

A spokesperson for the company said that the event will have a special focus on using AI for the betterment of human life adding that this is the first-of-its-kind summit in India for a broader audience as their earlier summit held last year just focused on developers.

The event is expecting participants across various sectors including healthcare, IT, automobiles, IT-enabled services, and others. The summit, which will focus on showcasing how AI will further enhance the capabilities of people to be more productive and will also discuss the use of AI in the region for both the development of businesses and for the betterment of the society.

Artificial Industry has made its way recently into to Indian business and is seen by many role players in different arenas as a technology that will help them in more ways than was actually thought. Many industries and businesses and also societies have already accepted the machinery by introducing different devices into their homes connected through the IoT and are putting them to great use.

The summit will be addressed by Microsoft’s executives – both global and from India – including Peggy Johnson, Anant Maheshwari and Anil Bhansali. The company’s partners, customers and representatives will also be speaking at the event and will focus on the use of AI across various verticals.

The summit is seen as a developmental move to motivate companies and society at large to incorporate the newest of technology to advance their business goals while doing better to the society. The summit will also hold a design thinking work shop that will focus on AI.

Experts say that the event will help a lot in educating the people about the benefits of adapting AI and how they can adopt the same for their daily lives – both work and social.