Meet Daisy – Apple’s New iPhone Recycling Robot


In a recent press conference where the company boasted about its environmental accomplishment’s, Apple has revealed its latest recycling robot, Daisy, which can disassemble nine different models of the iPhone. Apple says that Daisy is adept at recovering valuable materials that traditional recyclers generally cannot.

Daisy’s launch ahead of the Earth Day (Sunday, 22 April) was timed perfectly to further Apple’s ongoing recycling efforts. The tech giant also announced that for every device that is received from today through April 30 for recycling at Apple stores – both physical and online – the company will make a donation for Conservation International, a Virginia- based non-profit environmental organization.

Daisy is actually an advanced version if Liam, a robot that Apple unveiled back in 2016 to perform the same task. Apple says that the new launch is part of its efforts to make the planet healthier with the help of technology and innovation and also to help the company move towards a more sustainable way of using only renewable and recycled materials.

Smartphones are packed with a lot of valuable materials including platinum, gold, copper, aluminium and lithium among others that can be recycled to use later in making new electronic devices. Daisy can take apart more than 200 handsets per hour and will remove and sort all the recovered materials without causing any damage to them in the process.

Daisy has been developed by Apple’s in-house engineers and they have used some parts of Liam in its making – this is some sort of recycling in itself! The robot starts its work by scanning the device to be recycled to work out on its make and model so that it will know the layout of the components inside. In addition, this allows Daisy to know the precise amount required to disassemble the iPhone.

Then, the robot will separate different parts and metals with great precision most of which can be used again. Apple’s VP of environment, policy and social initiatives Lisa Jackson said that the launching of Daisy focuses on the company’s ongoing green efforts to save the precious resources of our planet and to address climate change. She added that Daisy represents what can be achieved when innovation and conservation meet.

All the eligible devices that are received for recycling will receive a credit that can be used for in-the-store purchases or added to Apple Store Gift Card that can be used later.