IBM Launches Power9 Servers to Its Cloud


American technology giant IBM has recently announced the launch of its Power Systems that include Power9 servers with NVDIA GPUs into the IBM Cloud.

The company is all set to announce a series of launches at its annual hosting conference – THINK – scheduled for this week in Las Vegas.

The Cloud business seems to be as important for IBM with everyone expecting a god share of cloud news in the event. The recent announcement from IBM comes immediately a day after Google as announced that it is using this systems in its data centres.

The new range of servers are designed based on the Power9 RISC processors and NVDIA Tesla GPUs that have recently been launched by IBM. These processors are the latest version of PowerPCs that were once used by Apple.

The new machines are extremely powerful when it comes to train machine-learning models as they use the high speed NVLink interface.

In addition to this, IBM also announced that it will soon introduce its PowerAI distribution to the cloud which is actually a deep learning platform for IBM supporting frameworks including Torch and Caffe and TensorFlow together with its own deep learning platforms.

In another episode, the company revealed its plans to make a computer so small that you might mistake it for a grain of sand – this world’s smallest computer will be able to attach to almost everything and its part of the company’s ‘crypto-anchor’ program.

IBM says that this small ‘computers’ will be able to track medications and also help in authenticating different products.