Google Working on Chrome OS Improvements


Over the past few months, Chrome OS has been rapidly evolving and most of the updates were centered specifically on its support for Linux.

It looks like Google is working on further improvements in its works that include minor changes to the UI and even some major changes like the modifying the Bluetooth function of the Chrome OS.

According to some recent reports doing rounds, Chrome is seriously working to update its address bar and want to make it more like the one you see on mobiles with all the short descriptions and thumbnails. Users can try the latest version by enabling the #omnibox-rich-entity-suggestions flag and then restarting the Chrome. While this will work on all desktop channels, as of now it is only for the Dev and Canary channels.

The XDA Developers community, which includes more than 7 million members, noticed that Google is also working on providing support for Android app shortcuts. A recent Gerrit code that focused primarily on the app shortcuts also revealed that the shortcuts can be seen when the user either holds down or right-clicks on an app from the launcher. The community also said that it might as well be possible to pin down a shortcut to the taskbar which many see as a helpful factor for the users.

The XDA Developers community further found that Google is totally reworking on updating on the Chrome OS Bluetooth stack. While most of the Chromebook users do not face any difficulty in connecting their Bluetooth devices to their PCs, the new update will be a boon to other users who frequently face difficulties in connecting their devices.

The new flag that appears in the Chrome OS Dev called as the #newblue enables a new Bluetooth daemon that will supposedly allow the clients to implement their own custom property method handlers. The daemon will also handle newblue and bluez dispatcher making it more manageable to handle the newblue dispatcher. According to the developers, the launch of the new daemon is seen as a first step towards reworking on Bluetooth on the Chrome OS.