Google Rebrands Android Wear as Wear OS


Google has recently rebranded its Android Wear as Wear OS. Android Wear is a platform that was launched by the search giant in March 2014.

The line consists of mostly wearable and smart watches that allow the users to track their fitness routines, have a quick glance at the alerts and messages, and, ask Google for any help right from their wrist.

According to Google, the new Wear OS is a wearable operating system that is meant for everyone.

Even while the name, logo and branding have changed, there is no information whether Google will add any new features to its existing line of wearables or if it has anything new under his sleeve.

Wear OS will still be able to work with phones having Android 4.4+ and also with iOS 9.3 and above. However, the wearables operating system will not be compatible with devices from Go edition of the Android Oreo version are they are more streamlined for devices that have a RAM of less than 1 GB.

However, Google’s Wear OS isn’t as popular as the Apple’s Watch series and Google itself has revealed in a recent statement that one out of every three owners of their Wear watch have been using an iPhone. But features of Wear OS are limited on iOS when compared to phones running on Android.

It’s also clear that Apple has done more business compared to Wear OS as it has shipped more than 18 million watches last year – a whopping 54 per cent increase compared to 2016.

What remains to be seen is whether Google’s new OS will outnumber to that of Apple’s. Tech geeks re also waiting to see if Google will announce any updates to its OS in the upcoming developer conference scheduled for May 2018.