Google Rebrands Its Ad Lineup to Simplify Advertising Offerings


Google’s advanced lineup of its advert merchandise is getting completely rebranded and the new move will allow the search giant to be more indicative of where Google wants is products to be specifically directed.

Google’s senior vice president Sridhar Ramaswamy who leads Google’s ad efforts, further explained that the company has been receiving consistent feedback over the past few years that Google’s increasing number of ad products and brands that have been largely assembled through major acquisitions could make it very confusing for the advertisers to better reach their customers through Google.

He said that though the move is primarily all about the change of name, it will definitely be indicative of where Google wants its products to be directed.

From now, all the ad products by Google will be summed up into three major brands. AdWords has been rebranded to become Google Ads which will serve as the main platform for all the advertisers to buy on all Google surfaces whether it is search or display ads, videos on YouTube, location listings on Google Maps or even ads inside the Google Play apps or anywhere else.

But Google has not limited the rebranding process to just a name change, it has also launched a new feature called Smart Campaigns which will serve as a default mode for all the advertisers and will allow them to identify various user actions that they are prioritizing including phone calls, purchases and even store visits after which Google Ads will use its machine learning capabilities in order to optimize the text and will target the users accordingly to drive more such actions.

Google is also introducing the Google Marketing Platform which is a combination of DoubleClick Digital Marketing and Google Analytics 360 which are the tech giant’s major analytics tools for marketers. Under these tools, Google will also introduce a new products called as Display & Video 360, which combines all the features from Campaign Manager, DoubleClick Bid Manager, and the Studio and Audience Center.

The Marketing Platform will also include a new feature called the Integrations Center where the marketers will be able to view all the different ways in which they can connect their Google tools.

Further, the new Google Ad Manager platform which will combine Google’s new monetization tools for publishers – DoubleClick Ad Exchange and DoubleClick for Publishers. Google’s director of product management for publisher platforms Jonathan Bellack said they have worked for almost twi years to merge these two products as programmatic ad-buying becomes used across more types of advertising.

“These categories have just been breaking down for a while — all of our publishers already log into one user interface,” Bellack said. So it looks like the logo is the only thing that’s really going to change.

As the DoubleClick brand is going away, other brands that will be continued by Google will be AdSense and Admob. All the rebranding process will come into effect from July.