Google Announces G Suite for Education


Google has recently announced that it is changing the guidelines for eligibility for its G Suite for Education service and will include home school co-ops. With this, teachers and parents who are running home school co-ops will be able to sign up for the G Suite as early as the coming few weeks.

According to Google and representatives of the home-schooled groups, the new software tools will play an important role in fostering collaboration, creativity and productivity in the education system that was earlier overlooked.

The service will include all of Google’s online productivity tools that are generally available to the users and will further layer a number of services that are specific to education on top of them. Parents at home school co-ops say that the service will be a life-saver for both the teachers and the parents.

Google’s senior program manager for Education division Jennifer Holland said that the service will help in improving the quality of writing by tracking how things will change over a course of time. She also noted that, earlier, students and parents, had to take part in assignments either by email or in person and in that they were finding it very difficult to keep track of things. Now the new service will help them in overcoming this barrier.

While the similar Google Classroom was available for any G Suite user, they now need to be associated with either a school or a school district in order to subscribe for G Suite for Education. With this new technology, teachers from home school co-ops will be able to set or change the assignments on the go while the students will be able to work on a single platform if while they are separated geographically as they all will have a common platform to collaborate.

With the launch of the new service, home school co-ops will have the same access to G Suite for Education as with other schools. Before the announcement, Google has piloted the program during the recent months with a number of home school co-ops. The new service will be available by mid-June.