Wonderful Water Saving Gadgets For Your Home


We all agree that water is always precious. Let’s not just sit idle by this mantra, but literally follow its conservation theory through the various options that eco-friendly market has offered us.

Only when each individual makes a conscious effort to save every bit of water can our planet turn into an eco-friendly zone. Here we take a look at the best water saving gadgets.

Bath Water Diverter

Installing waste water diverter in your bath or shower can recycle its water easily and help your gardens stay lush and green, even when a hosepipe is banned. Fit the bath diverter to the outer side of the bath waste pipe and then using the string pull, open the valve. This fills up a water butt or will connect directly to your hose. Ensure that you are using recycled water i.e. grey water; that ways you are still abiding by hose pipe ban.

Water Pebble

This small gadget lives near the shower plughole, measuring and remembering the volume of water consumed. Traffic signal concept is well out put to use here. The soft flashing lights indicate in series the amount of time that you spend under the shower as compared to the benchmark. Green light signals you to start, yellow indicates that you are half way through and red alerts you that the water flow will be cut off soon. Water pebble is an excellent tool to get water wasters off the shower and helps people cultivate water consumption habits gradually saving their water, energy and money.


These small and quiet superheroes conserve water by collaborating air into the faucet’s stream. Aeration basically means adding air to another substance like soil or water. With the addition of oxygen to water, its flow gets reduced. Thus water use is controlled as compared to the same time of flow without an aerator. With hot water, as less water gets used, less heat energy gets consumed saving you a great deal on your utility bills.  Aerators are pretty easy to install – you just have to screw them onto the faucet head.

Water Butt

A water butt helps collect rain water when positioned independently by every downpipe. They can also be kept vertical in one location and inter-connected with short hose lengths. The rainwater from a butt can be used on your plants, the stored water can provide for greenery even in the summer months. The delivering is done with either a watering can or a drip irrigation system. Thus your backyard stays beautiful and green throughout the year with very small quantity of water.