From Smart Scales to Fitness Bands: 4 Must Have Innovative Gadgets


Everyday electronic gadgets like phones, cameras and laptops have become regular. However, there are so many devices that are unique to their functionality and offer the users an all-together different experience in their daily schedule.

Here are some of such innovative gadgets that you can buy to better keep a track on everything in your daily life from monitoring your health to answering your emails.

Body Composition Scale by Mi

Knowing your actual weight is only part of an equation when it comes to your overall fitness. For example, you could still be showing an ideal weight even if you have less bone density and have also accumulated a lot of fat inside your body. This new body composition scale from Mi measures almost all the body parameters and is equipped with a Bluetooth tracker which enables the user to transfer all the data to the Mi Fit app.

SoulFit Sonic Fitness Band

This gadget is a sleek combination of a fitness band and a Bluetooth headset. It comes with a single color OLED and notifies about all the incoming calls and notifications. The upper part of the device can be removed with just the push of a button to give you a Bluetooth headset. It can track your blood pressure and the audio is loud and clear with around 5 days of battery life.

iPhone Game Case

We all like playing games on our smartphones but are keen on exhausting the battery. What if there was a way to play the favorite games like Tetris or car racing while retaining the battery. This new Game Case for the iPhone does just that! This phone case is powered by lithium batteries and has around 99 games to play without affecting the battery.

Laser Egg 2+

The Laser Egg is helpful in measuring the quality of the air you breathe. The new variant, Laser Egg 2+ has all the features of its precursor including the light scattering technology but includes sensors for volatile organic compounds. It is capable of identifying harmful substances like formaldehyde and ammonia evaporating from paints and other surface coatings and is also good at forecasting weather and monitoring humidity and temperature.