Smart Office Gadgets for Your Work Life


Office is the place where we spend most time of a day. Filling it with best office gadgets to create a better work atmosphere can be a great way to improve productivity in the workplace and also to keep the place as organized at it gets.

While some people look at desk gadgets as distractions that are unnecessary, the very gadgets may even come handy in improving the work experience. Here is a list of some best office gadgets that everyone will definitely want in their cubicles.

Skypanel Fluorescent Light Diffuser

Lighting can sometimes be pretty irritating at the office environment whether it is from the ever-glaring-at-you monitor screens or from other office lighting. Improper lighting and those that are directly placed opposite to you take a toll on your eyes and overall health after a long work week. While you can take control of the glare from laptops or PC and other working screens, the Skypanel sky-coloured light diffuser brings in a little bit of fresh air into your work space and makes your space more inviting. A good way to change your view and bring I some fresh ideas.

Hideez Secure Digital Key

This digital key is very compact and smart enough to grant you access to everything that you use in the office. It can be used as your computer login, lock digital safes, and also doubles as your digital card for door entry at office – and many things in between. It can also lock or unlock your devices when you are very close to or away from them. The best part about this Bluetooth enabled, RFID ready and convenient gadget is that it is wireless and its CR2032 battery provides up to 6 months of battery life without any charging.

Happy Day Tracker

Happy employees are the most productive employees. No questions asked. And have you ever felt like having the worst day at work or that you have the worst job ever? What if there could be a way out in keeping track of the days at work and tell you whether you were happy at work or not? Life Calendar: Happy Day Tracker is the best, easy and fun way to keep a track of your emotions at work. All you need to do is simply draw a face that closely resembles your feelings about that day to assess your satisfaction level with the job. Who knows may be its time to start looking for something else.

Programmable Mechanical Keyboard

This compact keyboard from WhiteFox is equipped with fully programmable keys that will suit all your needs. The options for each key are endless thanks to its open source software. It is compatible with most operating systems and the aesthetics and speed are sure to surpass even the gaming models. Its aluminium case is CNC machined and anodized meaning that the smooth keyboard is also sturdy.

ASUS ZenScreen Portable Monitor

This portable monitor is just like taking off the screen from your laptop and carrying it off with you. While you might wonder who likes the burden of carrying an extra monitor, those who want to share the screen of their PC or laptop with someone sitting opposite or next to them will find this very appealing. Compared to the older models, the new model (MB16AC) boasts improved connectivity and display technology.