Must-Have Gadgets That Augment Your Ride


There is hardly any individual in this age whose life is devoid of gadgets. Right from every room in our home to every corner in our workplace, we are more connected to gizmos than with anyone else (just imagine our plight when we forget our cell phone at home!) And when covering the bridge between home and office, i.e. when vrooming through our vehicles, we are never alone.

Travel gadgets make our road trip more easy and enjoyable. A simple device like GPS that used to be optional some time ago, has become so popular for the purpose it serves, that many cars now come with built in GPS. Let’s take a look at some of the coolest gadgets that augment your ride.

Music for the Ears

When driving, your steering wheel needs your hands more than your cell phone. But then if the time of travel is too much that you are forced to not answer any phone calls, then there is something wrong with the gadget world. A Bluetooth headset is the best way to communicate with a microphone and a wireless headset. No fumbling with the phone any more to make or receive calls. They can even read out text messages or give voice prompts indicating your phone’s battery status.

Car Audio Systems

Be it the Beetles or the Backstreet Boys, hear them the right way. The best way to do justice to your favourite musicians is to hear them right. Good on board car speakers bring you perkier highs and sturdier lows. Speakers that come with your car may compromise on superior sonic performance. Specially designed car audio systems enhance the whole range of sound you listen Enjoy your pet numbers the right way with right audio system.

Mobile Routers

Now file a sales report, listen to your favourite music or radio program or search for good dining suggestions even when sitting in your driver’s seat. Mobile routers help you carry the internet on the go. Thanks to the latest technology that offers you all-in-one connection as you zigzag on the wheels along the interstate. Mounting an external antenna to your four-wheeler can give you better reception. You now have home away from home. Weather sites on your laptop bring images of climatic conditions or the traffic snarls winding up ahead. Instant messaging and YouTube videos are accessible from your motel room when your car is parked nearby.

LED Road Flares

Can you imagine the danger when your car breaks down along a busy stretch of highway with a narrow shoulder or a curve? A bright flashing light mounted on the roof of your car or farther up the roadway surely saves your life. Road flares have now become high-tech. The handy old combustible types proved dangerous as they burned toxic chemicals and lasted not beyond 30minutes. New light emitting diode (LED) cautioning lights put on bright flashing beacon that alerts oncoming drivers. They are in demand due to their safe, more effective and reusable features. In addition to their road peril alerts, LED flares help roadside assistance personnel locate you.


Long drives to your workplace snatch your valuable reading time. E-readers flex your drive time into fun and information. Now, with just a push of a button, you can convert your car into a mini library. These readers offer e-paper screens with reduced glare and eye strain. Newer versions also provide with kids friendly picture books. Another classic feature they offer is the option to download your favourite author’s next book once you have finished with her current one. Access the newspapers and magazines and stay updated even behind the wheels.