Eco-Friendly Parenting Gadgets for New Parents


Parenting can be really tough; and with the never-ending list of things required for the baby, most of the parents are overwhelmed by the number of parenting gadgets that are said to make their lives easier.

From cribs and feeding bottles to strollers, there are a hoard of things to be included in their buying list. But parents need to be careful while buying baby care products to make sure they are extra safe for the newly born. Here is a list of eco-friendly gadgets for babies that you can buy to ensure the safety of baby – and the environment.

Hatch Baby Grow Changing Pad and Smart Scale

This is a combination of diaper changing pad and a built-in wireless smart scale. The device allows parents to track all the health metrics of the baby and provides all the assurance parents need. It gives peace of mind and a feeling of staying connected. Together with monitoring the baby’s weight, you can even track how much the baby is drinking at every feeding and how much she is sleeping. Above all, you can track all these even while you are away for work.

BabyNes Formula Dispenser

Baby’s food should always be perfectly in sync with her development. As babies need to be fed at perfect intervals and the routine will include things like preparing the formula and cleaning and washing, most parents spend time day and night to keep up to the schedule. This baby formula dispenser is apt for parents of bottle-fed babies as it includes formula capsules which can be used based on the baby’s age group up to 36 months. All you need to do is feed the capsule into the machine and put the bottle underneath the dispenser. In less than a minute, you’ll get a lump-free formula at the right temperature.

Ergo Carrier

Carrying your baby around while doing errands or when you are out for your daily tasks can be very demanding. Most of the baby carriers will give new parents back ache as they are not designed according to the needs of the baby and the parents. This new Ergo Carrier will help you carry your baby around with ease. While making sure that your baby is never far from you, this eco-friendly baby carrier will provide all the comfort you need. It is also so sturdy that you can even carry your baby with you on your hiking trip.

Baby Rocker

Investing in this baby rocker is a sure way of giving some relief to your aching arms. The automatic rocker can be rocked with just the push of a single button so that you’ll baby will have a happy snooze. Your baby will surely love this rocker as this is very gentle and is made of soothing fabric to enhance the sleep. The rocker is also very lightweight and you can even fold this up too meaning that you can even carry it while you are travelling.

Home Camera

This home camera comes with live streaming option so that you can monitor your baby’s moves and also interact with her even when you are away with your mobile phone. What makes it eco-friendly is its capability to track and assess indoor air pollution. The device will also play soothing music and even doubles as a night light. The device also records and stores data up to 30 days so that you will not miss the best moments of your baby.