Budget Friendly Gadgets for a Smart Home


Smart home technology is a convenient and fun way to update your home but can be often tricky when it comes to choosing the right smart home gadgets. This is probably because most of the smart home devices are too pricey and many cannot afford them.

However, there are some low-cost options for building a smart home that you’ve always wanted to. Here are some budget-friendly smart home devices that’ll give you a taste of home automation for cheap.

Koogeek Smart Plug

This smart plug is a perfect way to start your home automation as it works efficiently with almost all kinds of existing stuff that plugs into a wall. With the help of this, you can turn your ordinary fan into a smart fan or a conventional coffee maker into a smart coffee machine. All you need to do is insert this smart plug into the socket and plug in the device you want to control and it takes care of everything once it is connected to the Wi-Fi.

iDevices Switch

This smart plug is HomeKit enabled and Wi-Fi connected and is available for as little as $30. It also comes with an in-built multicolour LED light strip that works as a cool night light. The design of this device is also unique as it shifts the plug outlet to its side making it look more appealing.

Elgato Eve Motion

Priced at $50, the Elgato Eve Motion sensor is something that you will definitely want to have if you want to turn your home into a smart home. Although it is powered by batteries, it makes use of Bluetooth LE for communication which means that you don’t have to replace the batteries very often. Apart from detecting motion which is a great feature with regard to the security, the device can also turn on specific lights, send notifications and lock or unlock the door.

Philips Hue Motion

Another motion sensor that will be an absolute addition to a smart home, the Philips Hue Motion can also spot movement and control the lighting in your home. The best thing about this device is that you can also control the lighting levels based on the time of the day. It works perfectly with Philips White bulbs but doesn’t limit to working with them.

Elegato Eve Button

This device is a must if you are looking for a programmable button for your smart home makeover. It can control different smart devices in your home based on pre-set settings. You can execute different commands on single, double or long press on this device. For example: you can program the device to turn off all the lights when pressed once and turn them all on again with a double press. With a long press, you can switch on or off some specific lights based on your interest.