Best Tech Gadgets for Working Women


From noise cancelling headphones that offer the best kind of escapism that you need after a day of hectic work to futuristic tech gifts that help you to be up to date all the time, there are a plethora of tech gadgets for women that can be included to make our work at home and office easy.

But we do not actually need each and every gadget that hits the market every day while there are some must-haves which you can’t do without. Here are some of our best picks.

Navigation System

The worst thing about going to work in a new place is getting lost in the middle of the commute. So getting a navigation system ensures that you’ll always be on schedule. Navigation gadgets further update your loved ones about your location with supporting app. Many cars come with navigation systems, and if your’s doesn’t, get one that comes with lifetime updates so that it doesn’t become obsolete after some time.

PowerSkin Phone Charger

It is as much important to keep your phone charges as showing up for work on time for plethora of reasons. This PowerSkin charger makes sure that you never run out of batter while at work or back home as it will help you have 70 percent more talking time. It works by sticking to your smartphone and is lightweight and comes in various colours.

Portable Printer

This gadget will come in handy if you are required to make some presentations and are looking for ways to impress everyone with your newly learned skills. A portable printer, like the Polaroid GL 10 acts as an instant mobile printer and a portable photo lab. You can even print wirelessly through cloud storage or mobile apps.

Sleeptracker Wristwatch

Early to bed isn’t always not so easy to rise early. If you do and wake up naturally, you’ll be definitely hailed as a super-human woman. So if you are looking for some help with modern technology to help you pop out of your bed early, this Sleeptracker night time wristwatch is the best bet. It monitors your circadian rhythms and sounds the alarm based on your early morning movements that indicate deep sleep is over.

Tile Mate

Do you have a tendency of misplacing your keys or wallet and search for the hysterically at the end of day? Then this tiny Tile Mate is the right gadget for you. It is so compact that it perfectly attaches itself with your keys and handbag and can be even kept inside your handbag. It makes use of Bluetooth to transmit signals so that you can quickly find whatever that you have lost.