Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Tech-Savvy Moms


The usual cards and flowers may not be just enough this Mother’s Day as it already seems to be here. A recent survey by the Consumer Technology Association says that one in five mothers are hoping to receive a tech-gift for Mother’s Day.

Here are some of the best tech gadgets for mothers to enhance their daily routines or just to unwind themselves.

Tech gadgets do better as Mother’s Day gifts to busy moms as they help with her work around the home and maybe something that she can even take to work. So, if your mom is tech-savvy and knows how to stream music on the latest device and how to yell at Alexa to summon everyone at the dinner table or just knows about all the iPhone hacks, these gadgets are the perfect gifts for her this Mother’s Day. Take a look and check which one suits her best.

Ember Smart Mug

All busy moms of today practically start their day with a cuppa coffee. But it doesn’t mean that they really have the time to finish it. Keeping the drink warm until the time they actually want to have it is a bit challenging and that is where this smart mug from Ember comes at your rescue. This ceramic cup and toaster keeps the drink warm throughout the day and the accompanying app can be used to command the cup to warm the liquid to your preferred temperature.

Polaroid Camera

Even if the world is full of smartphones, tablets and digital cameras; there is still something very special about the Polaroid camera which makes it a perfect pick to gift your mother on this special day. Maybe she wants to capture a silly moment and print it instantly to cherish all her life. The Instax Mini 9 Polaroid camera from Fujifilm is the best of the lot.

Bluetooth Headphones

This one makes a very practical gift for mothers as they find it very easy to make and receive calls without the need to get tangles with the wires. However, not all headphones make a perfect gift. Over-the-ear headphones can be bulky while ear buds can be easily lost. The new Helix Cuff Bluetooth Headphones are wireless ear buds that are both convenient and stylish and make a perfect gift for moms.

Stove and Grill Guard

With so much to prepare and so many people to take care of, moms may sometimes forget to turn off the stove. It could be a real fire risk if elders or children turn the stove on. The new 2GIG Stove and Grill Guard takes the worry out of this kitchen nightmare as this sensor is easy to install and sits snugly under the knob of most stoves and grills. It can be easily integrated with a number of home automation devices to alert when the stove if turned on and is unattended.