Amazon’s Second-Gen Echo Show Looks Sleeker, Sounds Much Better


Amazon has just announced an all-new Echo Show at its Alexa event. The new device features a larger 10-inch display and gets rid of the weird chin from the first-generation device, along with offering a smart home hub inside and a new fabric back cover. Also new are revamped speakers, with the updated Show now offering dual, side-firing two-inch neodymium drivers that replace the front-facing ones that were below the screen on the older model.

Like the first Echo Show, the refreshed gadget is linked heavily into the Alexa voice assistant, but the sound quality is a priority on this smart screen. Amazon says the new Show has a pair of 2-inch neodymium side-firing drivers along with beefed-up bass. This, according to Amazon, gives the second-gen Show improved audio with more volume and audio presence.

Amazon also gave the Show a better screen. It’s now a 10-inch, full HD display, up from a 7-inch touchscreen on the previous model, giving you effectively twice the display real estate. The new Show will also get native support for Amazon’s Fire TV digital television platform. It will also work with Amazon’s new digital TV tuner, the Fire TV Recast DVR product.

Amazon is offering some new apps for the Show, too, the company is partnering with Microsoft to bring Skype calling to the Show, and will be adding both its own Silk browser as well as Firefox browsers, too. You’ll be able to ask Alexa to “Show me something interesting,” which will bring up random live webcams from around the world, as well as get new, step-by-step cooking instructions, too.

Along with the new hardware, Amazon is also introducing what it calls “Alexa Presentation Language,” a new developer language and tools so that devs can make richer images and user interfaces on the Echo Show. Amazon says that APL is similar in structure to HTML and Javascript, and can scale from devices as small as the Echo Spot to larger devices like the living-room-ready Fire TV.

Amazon also showed off how the Echo Show can integrate with it’s newly announced Fire TV Recast box, which can record over-the-air television and stream it to your other Amazon devices, including the Echo Show. The new Echo Show will cost $229.99, just like the older model. Preorders will be available starting today, with the new Show set to ship on October 11th.