5 Stylish Gadgets for Girls That Make Perfect Gifts


Smart watches and external battery packs are passé for girls who are looking to get techy with their daily chores and want to pull out time out of their busy schedule.

Getting tech savvy today isn’t just all about keeping your devices powered or making calls from your wearable tech. Particularly, there are a lot of tech gifts for girls for a friend or that special person in your life. While the list might seem endless, we’ve picked best girly gadgets that you want to consider.

1. Fitbit Alta

This gadget is the right fit for anyone looking to shed some pounds as it tracks the number of steps you’ve taken, calories burned during a particular walk or in an entire day, and also notifies about the distance travelled. The battery lasts for five days and the gadget includes text and mail notifications.

2. Pendant Necklace/Bracelet from Tory Burch

Designed particularly for the Fit Bit Flex, this fret pendant necklace and bracelet doubles as an activity tracker and a fashion accessory. It is available in three different colours – rose gold, silver and gold. However, it is sold separately and is a great gift for your loved ones.

3. Notification Ring

This Ringly Smart notification ring is perfect for girls who want to be in the know in a more subtle way than just wearing a smart watch. It is crafted in a gold setting and comes with precious or semi-precious stones and keeps the wearer updated about the apps, messages and people that matter most. It is available in five different variants and includes four vibration patterns.

4. Knomo Clutch

This is perfect for girls who want to always carry their tech along with them but again want to flaunt it in a fashionable way. The Elektronista clutch holds all your tech gadgets as it has sections for almost everything you carry including a phone, tablet, headphones, pen and goggles.

5. Clutch Bag with Speaker

This mini clutch-speaker from Stelle Audio is actually a tiny handbag that packs a built-in speaker phone, wireless speaker, built-in mirror and still leaves a lot of room to accommodate any makeup products you carry. It easily pairs with any device that is Bluetooth enabled and plays music for about 15 hours when charged full.