Car Gadgets for Your Daily Drive


In this digital age, there are hundreds of gadgets which can enhance your overall driving experience. What if you have an old car or which is not gadgetized enough? Do not worry, you can push your car into the future by investing in some cool gadgets instead of paying for a whole new car.

These gadgets add cosmetics to your car and even come very handy in times of emergency. We have made it easy by listing some of the important car gadgets for your daily drive.

Fobo Tire Plus

Properly inflated tires will obviously increase the lifespan of the rubber and also fuel efficiency. FOBO Tire plus is a tire pressure monitoring system that uses Bluetooth 4.0 and relays the tire pressure of your car directly on to your smartphone. It can monitor up to 87 psi. The kit includes 1 wireless in-car unit and 4 wireless tire sensors.

Ztylus Stinger

Ztylus Stinger is an emergency escape tool. The design combines window breaker, USB charger and seat belt cutter into one piece. This multifunctional design serves everyday function comes in very handy. It is basically designed to avoid entrapment inside a vehicle when car windows and seat belts are jammed after a car accident, thus allowing you an emergency exit.

Garmin Dash Cam 55

Accidents do happen very often and its very difficult to determine the fault after an accident. Garmin dash cam 55 helps you to record all the final facts after the accident. This gadget works as the second set of eyes which capture the videos in HD quality and 30 fps. It keeps you safe and also can be used to record scenic road trips.

Garmin Head-Up Display

Garmin Head-Up Display can be positioned on your dashboard and fixed with reflector lens. The gadget you a gives a clear wide view of the road ahead. It is a compact device that projects navigation directions, speedometer, estimated arrival time, turn indicators and so on after connecting it to your smartphone via Bluetooth. With this device, you can enjoy a clear guidance.

Bestek Jump Starter

The unexpected side-effect of bad weather is a dead car battery. Just only jumper cables in an isolated area are just useless. The self-powered Bestek jump starter is a very compact that can revive your dead vehicle at any place. It also features two USB ports and can be used to juice up your mobiles and tablets.