Best Gear and Gadgets for Bikers


Whether you are a regular biker who goes miles every day to commute or just a weekend biker simply cruising to enjoy the local paths, there’s a lot you need in the form of gear to make your rides smooth and comfortable.

They will not only make you look stylish, but also help you stay safe even on rugged paths and windy breezes. Take a look at these best picks in clothing and accessories for cyclists.

Action Camera

Riding the bike and taking pictures at the same time can be very annoying, and dangerous too, especially if your path is on rugged terrains or mountain sides. The new GoXtreme Pioneer 1080p Action Cam is the best cam to capture all that action. It comes with an adjustable bike mount to ensure that it sits comfortably on the bike. It is also waterproof, has built-in Wi-Fi and has a free accompanying smartphone app.


Keeping your loved ones posted about your journey is not possible sometimes maybe because you’ve just changed your plans on the go or you just forget about it. The OS Velo GPS is one of the perfect cycling gadgets that you should invest in buying as it tracks you and your performance. It has good data storage and best leisure mapping feature with more than 8,000 Sq km of updated maps.

Waterproof Bike Pannier

There’ll be showers sometimes when you go on biking and you just don’t want to postpone or cancel your ride just because of some little showers. More than the thought of getting wet in the rain, most bikers are worried about protecting their biking gear and biking gadgets during showers. This OverBoard Classic Waterproof Bike Pannier comes with a lot of space to protect all your belongings and offers quick access to the essentials.

Wind Jackets

Wind jackets protect us from harsh weather conditions during the bike rides besides offering a stylish look. They are also perfect for storing some essentials like your iPod or a smartphone or any gear like goggles or smart watch. Whether you are taking part in a shiny road biking competition or want to hit the plains, the Liv Zorya Wind Jacket is your perfect companion. It is a must-have for women bikers.

Cycling Shorts or Waist Shorts

These are good when you are looking to have something in between shorts and full thighs but do not want to spend a fortune on them. As they are made of four-way stretch and knit fabric and, they are decent enough for a comfortable ride. They also come with elastic waist bands, knee panels and a high-rise back to protect you while you are on the move.