Amazon Sumerian Toolkit Is Now Open to All Developers


Amazon Web Services (AWS), a subsidiary of Amazon offering on-demand cloud computing platforms to companies, individuals and governments based on paid subscriptions, has announced last November that its toolkit – Amazon Sumerian – will be a platform for all the developers to build mixed reality apps.

Now the platform will allows building AR, VR and 3D apps is now generally open to all after the company has run the service in private beta for several months.

Amazon further added that the developers will be also able to deploy a mixed reality app after building it even without the need to write a custom code. AWS also said that the web-based editor will also be able to integrate with Amazon Lex – a service again from AWS which allows building conversational interfaces for different applications that use voice and text – for natural language and AI.

Sumerian will also integrate with Amazon Polly – a service that turns text into lifelike speech. It is also integrates with IoT by AWS that will allow different devices to connect with Amazon’s IoT platform, and will incorporate with AWS Lambda for running code and if you are running a NoSQL Database, it will perfectly mix with Amazon DynamoDB.

AWS has recently made huge advancements in expanding its cloud business which will allow developers, big organizations as well as start-ups to make use of the company’s infrastructure to their apps together with other services. The move is part of Amazon’s strategy to build a $20 billion business this year. Amazon is also looking for different ways to expand its reach and revenues by offering such businesses a platform and a range of different services that will run within the cloud. The Sumerian is also part of the same strategy.

Amazon Sumerian’s GM Kyle Roche explained recently that they saw what seems to be a huge gap between the rise of the new AR, VR and 3D Tech and the organizations that wanted to use the same technology. However, they either lacked the resources and expertise in doing so or wanted to test the technology and the products before moving on to work on them more seriously. He further added that they are targeting businesses that do not have in-house talent to do so.