Aira’s New Smart Glasses Help the Blind to See


Effective visuals always play an important role when it comes to augmented reality (AR) technology. Visuals are in fact more essential when coupled with audio-based AR technology and one company is taking on interesting turn in this technology putting calls on computer vision to further enhance the audio and AR experience.

San Diego start up Aira, which has introduced its first smart glasses based on service by OnStar has announced a new range of smart glasses that will help the blind and people with limited vision by offering a guide through the visual world with the help of agents.

The new glasses allow those with low vision to connect themselves with a network of agents who can see what the blind person sees and will be able to assist them in real time by giving audio instructions to the end users.

The agents or guides can also assist in describing the scenes and give them directions. The company calls it a combination of high-tech hardware and attentive agents. Earlier, the company used hardware provided to it by some third parties which was quite incompatible with the device and Aira faced some difficulties to run with it. However, after testing for some time, the company has come out with a solution of its own with the Horizon Smart Glasses. Aira claims that these glasses are designed keeping in mind the core necessities of the people using them and say that it will be a perfect solution for people who have vision difficulties.

The charges are based on the usage starting with the basic price of $89 per month for which the users will own the device and will also get up to 100 minutes of usage. The price further goes up to $129 and $199 for 200 minutes and 400 minutes respectively and for $329 the users can have unlimited usage.

Other key features of Aira include:

  • One-touch assistance that offers users access to trained visual interpreters from 4 AM to 10 PM.
  • Video Streaming that is available on Android and iOS phones together with Aira’s smart glasses.
  • GPS assistance that offers guidance for both outdoor and indoor use.
  • Photo management – with the help of this feature, the agents will be able to take pictures and store them on the users’ phone with a small description.

Aira helps the users to manage their daily tasks and activities including navigation, recognizing faces and traveling around the world.