Tips for Budget Travellers


Travelling is one of the most exciting things in life. Ask someone, what would you like to do when you want to take off from work and the most common answer is “travel and explore” and you ask them, why they don’t, then the automatic response is “money”.

Exploring new places will not cost a fortune or you don’t have to win a lottery or have loads of cash. You should understand that travelling on a budget has a lot to do with inventiveness and little with compromise. Here are some tips that can help you travel economically.

Come up With a Plan

A spontaneous travel plan is best, only if you have the luxury of money to spare. But if you are on a budget travel, the first thing is that you have to come up with a proper travel plan. Jot down all the necessary things for your itinerary such as the travel routes, hotels to stay, places to visit and so on.

Book Flights in Advance

Flight prices are not static, they frequently go up and down, better keep an eye on price change alerts. Almost all the airlines release their flight seats well in advance, sometimes up to a year. You can get cheaper tickets if you book them well in advance of your travel plan maybe 2 or 3 months ahead.

Pack Smart

Lighter luggage is not only easy to travel with but also saves your money on the check-in baggage fees. Pack well in advance and make sure that you have everything you need and also be aware of the unpredictable things. Pack all your clothes, inners, gadgets, footwear and medicines if any. Avoid things that are totally unnecessary.

Embrace Public Transport

When you reach your destination, check out for public transport such as buses, trams trains and ferries instead of car rentals or cabs. Public transport saves your money and also gives you a sort of safety and security while travelling. Try buying travelling cards which are issued on the daily or weekly basis that can make your trip a bit economical.

Look For Hotel Alternatives

Accommodation comes as largest expenses for budget travellers. You can save lot of money by exploring the non-traditional accommodations such as backpackers hostels, vacation rentals and couch surfing instead of a pricey hotel. Only thing is you have to share the common areas and bathrooms with other travellers.