How to Travel Solo


Unlimited freedom to plan your trip, the locations you want to visit, the places you want to stay at, the mode of transport you want to travel in, in fact, everything.  This popular and fast-growing trend is known as ‘Solo Traveling’. An entire vacation where you won’t have to put up with anyone’s needs or comforts, instead you spend time indulging in some self-relaxation.

This unique experience offers you the chance to travel independently, meditate on yourself, make new friends and explore a new country without familiar faces. Traveling smartly with the necessary precautions and the right company will go a long way to get the best out of this experience.

Clues to Enjoy Travelling Solo:

Thoroughly research about the place you are traveling to. Famous destinations, lodging facilities, cafes, stations and knowledge of other details are always handy and keeps you street smart.

Traveling solo can be expensive as you have no one to share your expenses with. Hence smart traveling tips are essential such as staying in lodges or hostels instead of hotels and utilizing public transport.

Learn a thing or two about the culture and people of the place you will be visiting. It would help in interacting and keeps the conversation going.

People enjoy sharing the delights and thrills of their city, so showing interest in the place’s traditions develops a friendly bond between strangers.

Always travel with the right company. Although you will interact and make new friends, ensure that you are always in public.

While approaching a stranger for directions, present yourself as a tourist in an unknown land. Remember, after all, you too are a stranger to them.


  • Your wish is your command. You can explore whichever place you want and however, you want without a parent, sibling or friend altering your plans.
  • Although you are alone, you won’t really feel lonely because your senses are busy soaking up the picturesque memories of your new adventure.
  • You will encounter people with diverse ideas and cultures. This is less likely to happen if you are travelling with company.


  • If you are not very confident in approaching new faces then it might be difficult especially if you need directions.
  • In case of an emergency such as sickness, a hangover or an accident, you won’t have someone to lean on.
  • If you want to travel to a place extremely new to you, then learning the basics of the language of the place is something to spend time on.