Exotic Travel Destinations: Best Places to Visit Right Now

Aerial from Praia da Rocha in the Algarve Portugal

Everyone wants to go on a relaxing and enjoyable holiday once in a while. But what makes the trip special depends a lot on the vacation destination that you choose. If you are someone looking for an all-together different destination as part of your travel plans, there are some really untouched and unspoilt destinations that will surely fit your bucket list.

So, if you are planning for a memorable holiday, here are some of the most exotic travel destinations around the world that are ideal whether you are traveling alone or with your family.

Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia

This is one of the most exotic spots located in the Gulf of Thailand and is referred to by many as a paradise island in the southern coast of Cambodia. Taking a ferry from the tourist town of Sihanoukville, travellers will quickly find that it is very different from other locations in the vicinity. There is little or no traffic at all and all you can find are some rustic huts and a few bars thrown across the bay. A hike in the rainforest and night swimming in the bioluminescent plankton at M’Pei Bay are some of the activities to get involved here.

Whitsunday Islands, Australia

Whitsunday is an archipelago of 74 islands spreading across the coast and is one of the most iconic exotic holiday destinations for travellers. The exotic white and blue hues are a dream come true for many divers. The place is also full of secluded beaches and hiking trails making a go-to destination for exotic travel. The place is also home to the Great Barrier Reef which is a World Heritage site. People visiting this place between July and September can also have a look at the migration of the humpback whales.

French Polynesia

The French Polynesia includes more than 100 islands and stretches across 2,000 kilo meters. The archipelagos here are known for their sparkling and exotic lagoons. Towering mountains, stunning waterfalls, the rugged backcountry landscape and sandy beaches are some of the experiences that every traveller wants to indulge in. The Maupiti is considered as the untouched island and is a must-visit place for travellers looking for exotic beach vacations. Some of the most well-known islands here are the Tahiti and Bora Bora. Mo’orea is a place ideal for divers and snorkelers who are eager to explore the barrier reef system.

Maui, Hawaii

Spanning across 120 miles, there are attractions almost everywhere offering best bets for surfing. The golden crescent beaches here are protected from the strong currents by the lava rock formations. Kapalua beach is a best destination for those looking for some solitude away from the hustle and bustle of the daily life. The Haleakala National Park is home to the highest peak in the region – the volcanic Haleakala.               The Hana Highway offers a wonderful drive across the scenic waterfalls and pools. Maui – also dubbed as the Valley Isle – is home to misty peaks and offers stunning views of sunsets. The bamboo forests here are something that you shouldn’t miss on your trip.

Canary Islands

Black and white sandy beaches, lush pine forests, looming volcanoes, lunar landscapes and prehistoric sites are all part of a trip to these islands. Considered as one of the most exotic travel destinations in the world, the Canary Islands are home to thrilling water sports and nudist beaches. The Fuerteventura is supposed to be one of the most interesting islands here largely because of its hippy vibe and the deserted beaches and crystal-clear waters best for water sports. The Tiede National Park here is home to Mt. Tiede volcano which is very active and sometimes snowy.