Exotic Holiday Destinations in the World


Every holiday gives us a chance to see new sights and explore the world in ways we haven’t imagined earlier. But a holiday to the most exotic destinations further allows us to experience the cultures and lifestyle together with the beautiful sceneries of the region.

From tropical beaches to the most beautiful and natural beaches, these exotic locations are tropical paradises that are crowded with stunning landscapes, magnificent volcanoes and beaches that stretch across miles and miles together. While we all do love to cover as many places as we can, there are some that top the list and stand out in the world. So here are some of the best exotic holiday destinations in the world to plan for your next vacation.


India has many reasons to be on the top of the list of exotic holiday destinations. It has many diverse cultures spanning across the regions and it is also known for its exotic beach fronts and stunning backwater tours. Again, there are many wild life sanctuaries too that offer safari tours. The foothills of the Himalayas, Taj Mahal – the love icon of the world, and the stunning ice peaks that spread almost across the northern region are just a few of the many reasons to take a tour to this colourful nation. The white desert – Rann of Kutch, famous churches of Goa, Elephanta Caves of Maharasthra, Khajuraho Cave Temples; the list is endless. The South is also no less for wonders with the historic temples and iconic landmarks and world heritage sites. The magic back waters of Kerala and the shore temples of Mahabalipuram are something that no one should miss.

Petra, Jordan

This lost city has many secrets to reveal for the travellers. The city rises out of the cliff between the Dead Sea and the Red Sea and has several structures and tombs carved into the mountains. If you are still having difficulty in getting a perfect picture of this historic city, the film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade will definitely ring some bells.

Longsheng Rice Terrace, China

This fields are better known for their name ‘Dragon’s Backbone’ together with the stunningly beautiful terraces of rice fields. The reason why this place is called as the Dragon’s Backbone is because the terraced rice fields look the scales of the dragon while the magnificent backdrop of the mountains look like the backbone of a dragon.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

The Angkor Wat is the most famed temple in Cambodia which was built by the Khymer civilization. This is an architectural genius which even appears on the national flag of Cambodia and has many enduring tales to tell. There are very few places on earth that match with the superior splendour of this ancient temple.

Machu Picchu

Heralded as the Lost City of the Incas, Machu Picchu draws more visitors every year. This ancient citadel is a tourist magnet and no tour to Peru is complete without a visit to this ancient Peruvian site. While it is very much possible to enjoy visiting this place on your own, it is equally suggested to take tour of the site to have a much grander experience.


The list of most exotic destinations cannot be complete without the mention of Fiji. This archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean has more than 300 small islands that makes a wonderful getaway for the families. Together with exploring a village or having an opportunity to climb over a mountain, you can even soak in hot springs and dive in the waters to have a fantastic view of the fish-packed coral reefs.

French Polynesia

The Bora Bora and Tahiti are the most well-known islands in the region. They are a kind of mythical destinations with over-the-water bungalows, picture-perfect beaches and coral-fringed lagoons. Especially, the lagoons here have a vivid tint of turquoise and the peaks are typical moss-green. Adventure seekers can indulge in diving and snorkelling has the region is full of wonderful bases for the activities.