Essential Tips for Travelling With Kids


No matter if it is your first trip or the fifth one, with your kids, it is always daunting, if you do not plan it properly. Going on a vacation with family requires a lot of planning, effort and patience.

Kids who get bored and overtired while travelling, get cranky and frustrated. Travelling should be an enlightening and eye-opening experience for the kids. While travelling with kids you need to strike a right balance between their rest times and activities. Here are some of the essential tips for travelling with children which can help you to have a stress-free vacation.

1. Plan Everything Ahead

While travelling with kids, planning is very important. Planning almost includes everything, from booking tickets for your vacation well in advance, packing all the required items for your kids, hotel reservations to the list of places to visit at your destination. Planning ahead, definitely makes your vacation a stress-free and enjoyable one.

2. Arm Yourself With Snacks

Foods at the airports and meals on the flights may not go well with your kids. So it is better to get some snacks for your kids. You have to be careful while choosing the snacks, pack the snacks which your kids like and those which do not cause any vomiting or its sensation. Remember snacks should pass the customs check.

3. Keep Them Engaged

Your kids may be of any age, a toddler, infant or a teen, it is good to keep them engaged. Carry some toys, playbooks, and most importantly a tablet loaded with games, songs, movies and TV shows. Be prepared for the unexpected flight delays, waiting at the hotel lounges and so on because your kids may get bored and cranky during these times.

4. Don’t Forget the Medicine

Generally, kids get ill on vacation-holiday, as they are out of routine, they eat outside food which is not so healthy, not so suitable weather in the new place and sometimes get jet-lagged. Therefore, always pack an easy to swallow medicine separately for fevers, nausea and a common cold. Better include some antiseptic wipes, plasters and digital thermometer.

5. Stroller vs. Sling Baby Carrier

Stroller or a sling, it depends on you and your kid’s comfort. Try to travel as light as possible. A Sling is easier to hold your baby at the security checks, where with the stroller it becomes a bit difficult. Depending on the given situation and the place you are visiting, pick a sling or stroller. Anther option is to rent a stroller or baby carrier at your destination place.