Checklist for Buying Travel Insurance


Is everything set right for your next trip including the planning of the destinations to visit and the bookings and packing done? Then what about travel insurance? Most of us would say no need, but ideally to protect yourselves from any unexpected financial burden, due to emergency hospitalization, delayed or cancelled flights, stolen baggage etc. you should get your travel insurance done in order to avoid stress both financially and emotionally.

Travel insurance covers many expenses incurred during domestic and international travel. Here we discuss the points which would guide you when you are planning to buy a travel insurance policy.

Be Country Specific

Ensure that your travel insurance is country specific which means it should be adaptable as per the rules, political, social and environment issues of the country you are travelling to. Also check if your travel insurance will provide cover in case of any emergency during your stay at the planned destination. Ask questions whether you will be covered any cancellation charges or lost luggage or delay in flights and even any emergency situations.

Reimbursement in Case of Cancellations

Check out for a good policy which should cover the expenses when you need to cut short your travel plan due to some emergency. Look out for an insurance which provides reimbursement of premium too and does not ask you to pay excess when, say, your rental car is damaged and car rental providers ask you to pay more.

Choose Travel Insurance Plans That Suit Your Needs

There are many types of travel insurance plans available as per your individual needs. For example, if you travel frequently, then investing in an annual travel insurance plan would be more cost-effective and free of any hassle. In case you are travelling with your family then it is better to opt for family travel insurance plans.

Your Travel Insurance Plan Must Cover Important Features

A good travel insurance plan should cover cost of hospitalization, daily allowance during hospitalization, compensation on short term or permanent disablement. Also check if the plan is flexible and check whether the cost of shifting you to the nearest hospital or back to your country is covered under the policy or not.

Reimbursement for Stolen Goods

Check out a suitable plan that would compensate you for stolen baggage and important travel documents including passport and any other documents. If you are on a working holiday, you may be carrying essential documents pertaining to your work overseas or a company laptop that might be stolen. This also calls for the specific duration of the insurance. If you need to stay for more than three months at a destination, go for a yearly travel insurance plan as this will ease the burden to a large extent.