Cheapest Holiday Destinations in the World


The notion that travelling to another will cost more is totally wrong. It all depends on choosing the right destination when it comes to saving money on your international holiday. Planning a bit early and doing your research about finding the perfect holiday destination helps a lot in controlling the expenses to a large extent.

So, if you are looking for the best destinations for your holiday, here are some of the best and cheapest holiday destinations in the world for a budget-friendly travel.


The cost of living in Greece has lessened due to the country’s economic crisis. The world travellers can bank on the offers provided by the government here to facilitate budget-friendly travel. Most of the islands in Greece are spread across the magnificent Ionian and Aegean seas making a hot spot for travellers across the world. But the most remarkable landmarks are the Acropolis citadel with its Parthenon temple. The country is also known for its pristine beaches that stretch along the black sands of Santorini.


This is a must-visit place for anyone visiting Europe on a budget. Its capital Budapest is set gloriously across the river Danube and makes you feel refreshed the moment you step in. Some of the best things to do in Hungary include tasting the luscious cakes and the refreshing liquor. The thermal spas here also offer a wonderful way to sweat out. Budapest is a wonderful bargain city too as you can have sit-down dinners here for as less as £5 and taste the beers for £1. The accommodation will cost around £10.


Panama is one of those budget travel destinations in the world that offers sheer luxury at an affordable price. While the capital Panama City offers five-star hotels, budget value stays can be found in the urban areas across the east coast. Visit Isla Bastimentos for an affordable overnight stay in hostels for as less as $15. Staying here will also provide you with easy access to kayaking, zip line tours, snorkelling and surfing classes. There are also budget friendly villas that can easily accommodate two families and come with a private pool and full kitchens. You never run out of budget options traveling to the beautiful country.


The very first thing that comes to everyone’s mind when they think about Cambodia is the Angkor Wat stone temple. But this Southeast Asian nation is more than that. The country’s landscape spans the coastline of the Gulf of Thailand, the low-lying plains and the Mekong Delta. The place is home to some of the most beautiful lakes, rivers and forests together with many magnificent temples. Even the boutique hotels here offer a stay for as less as £50 for a double room and a full-day tour of the iconic Angkor Wat temple will cost £28. If you think you cannot squeeze in too many temples into a day trip, you can pay £48 for a three day tour.


While this country is not so much on the most-visited list, it offers real bargains for the budget travellers. The place is also full of must visit places including Belize, Costa Rica and Guatemala. There are also white sandy beaches that are reminiscent of Maldives. Food and drink are mega cheap here with a total spending of less than £25 per day. Puerto Cortes is one of the busiest places here and the one that should be included on your must-visit list. There is also no dearth of post-colonial towns that depict the rich history and culture that is unique to Honduras.