Best Places to Visit in Rome


The eternal city of Rome should be on everybody’s bucket list for it is the oldest product of art, history, culture and architecture brimming with the earliest stories in human memory.

Apart from being ancient, Rome is home to the Vatican and is the holy ground of Christianity. There are a plethora of best places to see in Rome and the options perfectly fit every budget type. From premium wine and private art collections to free of charge art museums and inexpensive accommodation, a trip to Rome is a dream coming true. Here are some of the best things to do in Rome.


The largest amphitheatre in the world was built in the heart of ancient Rome somewhere during 80 AD. It was built as an arena for viewing sports and has passageways and tunnels underneath. It has worn out over time but it continues to attract visitors in thousands.


A temple built in honor of Gods, it continues to be referred by its ancient name irrespective of the fact that it is was converted into a Church. It is the largest unsupported dome in the world and must not be missed when in Rome.

St. Peter’s Basilica

Over five hundred years old, the Basilica is a tomb of ninety-one popes. It houses Michelangelo’s Pieta and was built over the burial ground of St Peter in the tradition of early Christianity. It commissioned art and architecture in different styles to promote the congregation of Christians to the Basilica.

Sistine Chapel

The creation on the ceiling and the last judgment on the altar wall painted by the celebrated artist Michelangelo make the Sistine Chapel heavily frequented by tourists who throng in thousands to admire it. It has been the venue for swearing in of the new Pope.

Vatican Museums

The Vatican is an independent country, and is the smallest in the world. The Vatican museums house one of the largest collections of art and a significant part of it is on display for visitors over a nine-mile area.

Galleria Borghese

One art gallery that deserves a special mention, it holds possibly the largest private art collection in the world with paintings by Caravaggio, Titian and sculptures by Bernini among other remarkable pieces.