Beginners Guide to Wakeboarding


Imagine yourself swiftly gliding on water using a board, with a strong breeze rustling your hair and cool water splashing your face. Outdoor enthusiasts and adrenaline lovers attempt this daring feat all across the world and call it wakeboarding.

A combination of surfing and water skiing resulted in the exhilarating extreme sport of wakeboarding. The surfer usually holds onto a rail bar, balances himself on a board similar to a surfboard and is pulled by a wakeboarding boat at a thrilling speed. Using a number of techniques, a variety of stunts and tricks can be performed. This wild and daring sport guarantees you a thrill and boosts like never before. Here is the beginners guide to wakeboarding.

Wakeboarding Gear

This intense actionpacked sport requires you to be equipped with appropriate gear to make it safe as well as exciting. Some of the gears which are highly important are

  • Wakeboards: Right size and durable quality are essential to perform jumps and stunts. Smaller wakeboards help you to spin faster
  • Boat: A maximum speed of 30 to 40 kilometers should be attempted.
  • Footwear: Waterproof, comfortable shoes must be chosen.
  • Bindings: Straps the shoes to the board
  • Rope: 16 to 24 meters is ideal as one end is tied to the rail of the boat and the other end is held by the rider.
  • Life jacket: Always necessary for water sports.
  • Wetsuit: To provide thermal insulation to the body.
  • Googles: to protect the eyes.

Safety & Precaution

Like every adventure sport, safety checks for wakeboarding are mandatory to make it a safe and pleasant experience. Important things to ensure before you plunge into action

  • Check the weather forecast as a windy or rainy day may not be ideal for wakeboarding
  • Attempt it in a group of minimum three people where one is the wakeboarder, one is the rider and one is alert in case of an emergency.
  • Research about the water body and the dangers that lurk in it
  • Practice standing on the board, on land first especially if you are a beginner
  • Avoid harbors where boats and yachts are anchored and go for more open water bodies
  • If you are a beginner, use a shorter rope
  • Learn hand gestures to communicate with the person on the boat
  • Do not exceed the maximum speed limit

Best Wakeboarding Destinations in the World

Although wakeboarding originated in the extreme sports capital of the world, New Zealand, it soon became a raging hit all over the world. Some fabulous and spectacular places to try out this crazy water sport are

  • Lake Baikal, Siberia
  • Lake Powell, Utah
  • Lake Geneva, Switzerland
  • Stoney Park, South Wales
  • Lake Havasu, Arizona
  • Neorion Bay, Greece
  • Aqua Ski Adventures, Costa Rica
  • Lake Shasta, California
  • Bow Lake, Washington
  • Lake Lure, North Carolina