Beginners Guide to Mountain biking


The first thing that comes to an outdoor enthusiast’s mind when he hears the words robust, rough, rugged and rigid is mountain biking. Agility endurance and strength is put to the test by manoeuvring the bike over unpaved trails that wind through mountains, hills, forests or fields.

Wild environments are usually chosen as they provide a more challenging terrain and thrill seekers find their levels of adrenaline rising. Mountain bikes designed to travel over rigid territories are specially created for off-road tracks. One of the ways this competitive sport is carried out is that bikers set out on different trails and the winner is the one who reaches the predetermined finish line first. Dangers and uncertainties that are frequently encountered by bikers make this an extreme outdoor recreational activity. Here is the beginners guide to mountain biking.

Mountain Biking Gear

Arming yourself with the right gear for mountain biking can go a long way to protect you from injuries. Some aides to make this sport enjoyable are as follows.

  •  Mountain bikes are not similar to ordinary bikes as they are built to suit the harsh and severe landscapes. Durability and toughness are its prime features.
  • Hiking boots with gripping soles which make it compatible to use on the pedal.
  • Comfortable clothes depending on the climate.
  •  Knee and shin pads to prevent bone injuries
  •  Full face helmets to avoid injuries in case of a crash.
  •  Power lights in case of biking overnight.
  • Googles to protect the eye from specs to dust.
  • Gloves specially fitted with knuckle padding.
  • Tools for repair and extra tire tubes as the biker must mend damages himself.
  • Pump in case of a flat tire.

Safety & Precaution

This action-packed activity has its fair share of things to watch out for. To minimize body damage and make the expedition successful, certain checks must be strictly heeded.

  • Survival techniques are highly necessary as the territories are usually far from civilization.
  • First aid kits are essential as falling on gravel is common.
  • Constant hydration in the form of bottles or water bags with tubes
  •  Carrying Communication devices or GPS navigation devices is necessary to stay in touch and know your location.
  •  Emergency supplies in case you have to spend the night outdoors.
  • Riders must learn how to manage their bikes in case of a flat tire or any other damage to avoid being stranded away from urban areas.
  • Manoeuvring the bike requires skill and thorough practice so beginners should choose less difficult terrains.

Best Places in the World to go Mountain Biking

This extreme adventure sport is widely popular in the US and Europe but is soon booming in many places across the globe. Some thrilling destinations to go mountain biking are

  • Glentress, Scotland
  • Amasa Back Area, Utah
  • Monarch Crest Trail, Colorado
  • Drumlanrig, Scotland
  • Santos, Florida
  • Afan, South Wales
  • Downieville Downhill, California
  • Les Gets, France
  • schgl, Austria
  • Winterberg, Germany