7 Best Eco-Toursim Destinations Around The World


Are you on the lookout for sustainable tourism destinations? Here is a rundown of some of the best eco-tourism destinations for the environmentally conscious travellers.

Eco-tourism is all about touring different places and being indulged in their natural beauty without causing any harm or without disrupting the natural environment of the place you visit. Ecotourism is not just about interrupting the natural habitat that is restricted to their flora and fauna. It’s more about preserving the traditions and customs of the local communities too. Here are 7 of the best eco-tourism destinations in the world.

1. Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India

This place has everything you expect from an unspoilt destination. Crystal clear waters, lush-green scenery and miles and miles of clear sandy beaches. It’s a sight to behold for every traveller as this union territory is bejewelled with tiny islands that sometimes interlace with each other to offer the natural beauty that nature has to offer. You can witness some of the exotic sea creatures here while also indulging in activities like diving and snorkelling.

2. Galapagos Islands, Eucador

This is one of the best ecotourism destination and so geographically unique that it has spawned voyages of discovery from Darwin to today’s enthusiastic travellers. Those who want to follow his footsteps will find amazing wildlife while others can enjoy its surreal beauty. It is also one of the best UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Again, snorkelling and diving are some the best activities that tourists can enjoy here.

3. Iceland

Rightly called the land of fire and ice, this Nordic island country in Europe is full of hot springs, volcanoes and breath-taking fjords. People living here are also very keen on protecting the natural habitat of their environment that they take every measure to conserve it. All the electricity that is produced in Iceland – including geothermal, wind and hydroelectric power- is by natural and renewable resources. The Tourism Board of Island also awards the hotels and other tourist spots based on their green practices.

4. New Zealand

New Zealand offers 100 percent pure tourism to all its visitors and engages in sustainable activities to keep the green wheel rolling. The country’s industry regulator, Qualmark NZ, does its best in preserving the tourism industry and helps tourist operators across the nation to choose energy efficient activities. Visitors are also encouraged to choose accommodation options that are accredited by Qualmark.

5. Blue Mountains, Australia

Located near Sydney, the Blue Mountains are full of exotic plant species that spread across more than 550 miles. In fact, the name Blue Mountains is actually derived by the colour of abundant eucalyptus trees in this region that have painted the nature in hues of blue. Mountain biking, rafting and trekking are some of the activities that visitors can experience in the serene beauty that Mother Nature has to offer here.

6. Kenya

If you want to enjoy varied biodiversity and landscape at its best, then Kenya is the right place for you to go. Kenya has also introduced a number of eco-friendly programs to protect its nature. The region’s incorporation of guidelines for green destinations, its eco-rating scheme and eco-warrior awards all reflect its commitment for a green and sustainable tourism. Safaris are the best way t travel and experience the varied wildlife that this place has to offer.

7. Costa Rica

This South American jewel known the word over for its rainforests and the varied eco systems they have. As it has both the Caribbean and Pacific coastlines, it attracts a lot of visitors every year. With beaches, volcanoes and all the staggering biodiversity, Costa Rica is considered as one of the best sustainable countries in the world. Nature walks, bird-watching, snorkelling and surfing are some of the activities to involve in.

These sustainable destinations help you holiday around the world in a responsible way even as the fears of global warming and climate change are on our minds. These exotic and sustainable tourist spots are sure to mesmerise you with their spectacular beauty and varied landscapes. Better embark on a tour to one of these eco-friendly tourism spots before they are infested with too many travellers.