5 Best Event Camping Destinations in the U.S.


Camping is a unique and an incredible experience in itself and it further lets the spirits soar when there are special events planned for the campers. From sporting activities to a multitude of cultural activities event camping offers an unforgettable experience to all the campers.

From river rafting to horseback riding and from trekking to participating in music festivals, event camping hosts a bunch of activities loved by all age groups. Read on to know more about some of the best event camping destinations in the U.S.

1. Appalachian Trail, New Jersey

The Appalachian Trail has truly redefined the notion of a trail offering the campers and tourists a number of activities including hiking, fishing and a number of activities planned to suit everyone including the family campers. The boardwalk and suspension bridge are some of the attractions of the Pochuck Crossing hikes while the Pinwheel’s Vista hike offers a great view of the New York and New Jersey mountains.

2. Horseback Riding Trails, Alabama

Alabama is home to some of the charming trails that recommend horseback riding to enjoy the true wonders of the state. Alabama has 5 spacious and beautiful state parks that have horseback riding trails making the state a favorite spot among the campers and those planning to indulge in some adventure activities while camping.

3. Wildlife Viewing Trails, Florida

If you are planning to check out wildlife either to gratify your instincts or to please your kids, Florida is the right place to go. Other than watching the wildlife the place allows you to photograph hundreds of species of alligators, turtles, manatees and birds to name a few. The six hiking trails nearby Orlando also help you navigate the area on your own and explore the nature from sunrise to sunset.

4. Participating in Triathlons, New Jersey

The safe harbours of the Atlantic City calls for swimming while the Atlantic City Expressway presents a wonderful atmosphere to bike along. Together with the famous boardwalks, the state offers a wonderful setting for International Triathlons and is considered among the best place to swim or run. Triathlons in New Jersey are also considered the best in the Atlantic and North East Region as the city is perfect for these amazing races.

5. Beachcombing and Biking, Texas

Located on the beautiful Port Aransas, the Island RV Resort is known famously for its beaches and the outdoor activities it offers. Known as the fishing capital of Texas, the port also offers many activities including beachcombing, biking and bird watching to name a few.

You’ll have plenty of activities to indulge in from on-the-water fun to participating in some of the finest events that these campsites offer. These are some of the best places that invite you to have an exceptional camping experience.