10 Surprising Facts About New York City


New York City is full of fascinating facts that are not really hard to find. All the five boroughs of the NYC boast a unique character of their own as much as they can all be called cities themselves. And in that, they all have their very own defining moments and attractions to captivate the imagination of the locals and visitors. Here are 10 facts that you probably didn’t know about this financial capital of the world.

1. Cheapest City

The Manhattan Island was purchased from the Native Americans by a Dutch explorer named Peter Minuit for beads and trinkets worth $24 making New York City one of the cheapest to be purchased in history.

2. Changing Names

New Amsterdam was the first known name of Manhattan. The Dutch trading port was at the southern tip of Manhattan. Later in 1664, as the English conquered the city from Dutch, New Amsterdam became New York.

3. The City and its Residents

More than 36 percent of the population that currently resides in NYC was born outside the US. 47 percent of its residents aged above 5 speak at least one language other than English. The city also has the lowest crime rate compared to any other US cities.

4. New York’s Subway

First opened in 1904, New York subway system is one of the world’s largest mass transit system. It has 1665 km of track and 468 stations. It runs 24 hours a day and only 40 percent of the subway is above the ground. 5 million citizens ride on this every single day.

5. The Federal Reserve Bank

Located on New York’s Wall Street, the Federal Reserve Bank has vaults that are located at 80 feet below the ground. It also holds about 25 percent of the world’s gold bullion. The bank celebrated its centennial anniversary in the year 2014.

6. Yellow Cabs of NYC

The yellow taxi cabs which are the signature marks of NYC were initially red and green! They were introduced in the year 1907 by a businessman named Harry N. Allen. He started the New York Taxi Cab Company with 600 cabs which were all imported from France.

7. Busy Street Life

There are more than 40,000 street food vendors and 20,000 other vendors in NYC. Roughly, each street in NYC has around 25 to 30 busy street vendors selling different kinds of stuff. Most of these vendors are local people having permit to work here but can’t find a proper job.

8. The Statue of Liberty

Its full name is Liberty Enlightening the World. The statue was a gift from France given to the US in the year 1886. It was a welcoming symbol to more than 9 million immigrants who came to US. During WWI, it was prone to explosion which damaged its torch-bearing arm. Ever since, the stairs in the torch remain closed to public.

9. Driving Etiquette

Honking your car horn is illegal in New York City except in an emergency situation. Using any claxon installed on any motor vehicle is illegal for that matter. Fine for horn-blowing in this busy city is $350 – per summon. However, everyone does it anyway.

10. World’s First Underground Park

Despite being one of the world’s most dense, exciting and busy city, New York will open its doors to World’s First Underground Park this year. The park, called Lowline, will be able to grow stunning plant life by bringing in sunlight to the underground in the city’s Lower East Side.

That’s the list of our stunning facts about this fascinating city but it has more than what we can expect in all its splendour. No matter how hard you explore, there’s always much more that needs to be learned from this iconic city.