10 Best Family-Friendly Theme Parks in US


Why wait till summertime to visit the entertainment zones? Especially, when these zones turn out to be the touted theme parks, your family can hardly wait. Particularly, kids are all excited to visit theme parks.

They have been living the characters of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, the Tinker Bell and Cinderella, the Pirates and the other age-appropriate horror stories since the days of their flat screen exposure. Every kid surely knows the taste of Hershey’s chocolates and what Hershey’s stands for. Frankly, is there any kid who has never imagined the thrills on a speedy roller coaster? The U.S. with its amazing vast water bodies spread out in numerous places is the best fit to host a good deal of some of the amazing theme parks on this planet. Let’s explore some of them here.

1. Walt Disney World, Florida

This theme park tops the list and is an embodiment of the ‘theme park’ definition. Its main section is the Magic Kingdom and is furthered through many more mini-parks and other attractions including the Animal Kingdom, Disney Springs, Slow Rides that display the many cartoon creations birthed by Walt Disney Empire and also reflect the American culture. Florida has a very humid weather. So, prefer to avoid months of July and August when summer is in its peak. The weather is much more pleasant towards the fag end of the year till February.

2. Hershey’s Park, Pennsylvania

Apart from ample of water rides that Hershey’s Park boasts of, you are never far away from the chocolate world. 4D Chocolate Mystery, one of the major attractions of the Hershey’s chocolate factory, through its stunning special effects makes you interact with characters to solve the mystery! Zoo America, an adjacent walk through zoo gives a great glimpse of North American wildlife. Every year between June and September, Hershey’s offers Character Dining where you can dine with favorite Hershey’s characters.

3. Thomas Land, Massachusetts

This theme park that opened in August 2015 is on expansion mode till 2017. It’s a great attraction with the preschool kids as well as those who wish to re-live this phase. The land of Sodor comes alive here. The park offers you 11 train rides based on the adorable Thomas characters such as Toby’s Tilting Tracks, Bertie’s Bus Tours, Cranky’s Crane Drop, Firefighting Flynn and many more and a special 20-minute train ride on a life-size Thomas train around the Island of Sodor. It stays closed in winter months.

4. Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Whichever season you are in, Wisconsin Dells is the ultimate place to churn out new memories. With loads of indoor and outdoor water parks to dive into, this water park is every aficionado’s dream. One of them, Noah’s Ark, is the largest outdoor water park in the US. Many are open year-round. There is something for everyone- a roller coaster ride, walk through tree tops, go-karting, scaling the rock wall and many more. Satiate the thrill seeker in you any time in the year at this all-in-one park.

5. Kings Island, Cincinnati

With over 3 million visitors per year, this largest theme park in the Midwest is a favourite attraction. With 18+ PEANUTS-themed attractions, Planet Snoopy being the most sought after, Kings Island has been consistently voted for its Best Kids’ Area. Excitement is at its height with the awesome power of Beasts, Banshees and Diamondbacks. Enchantment begins from the minute you enter with a never ending verve. The 12.5-acre Jurassic forest setting here is something that you should never give a miss! Though it is open throughout the year, remember that on Fridays, certain Snoopy Rides are closed.

6. Knott’s Berry Farm, CA

With high-octane roller coasters, thrill rides that take you up to 64 feet in the air, children rides and live entertainment on select days, Knott’s Berry Farm is a one-stop-shop for family outings. The award winning Mystery Lodge with its special effects laden experience is an attraction that has good story telling through a raconteur who takes the guests deep into Native North America.

7. Six Flags Magic Mountain, CA

Do you want to just swing and dive in the air at a speed faster than the fastest at an altitude just unfathomable? If yes, Six Flags Magic Mountain sure deserves a visit. It boasts of 18 coasters like those found on Full Throttle, Lex Luthor, X2 and Tatsu. But then what about younger family members? Don’t worry, they offer ample of family rides for those who don’t wish to swirl and spin. Before planning your trip, do visit their website to check for Park operating days and hours.

8. Universal’s Island of Adventure, Orlando

Its uniquely themed islands make this Adventure Land a hit with people of all ages. World’s best cutting edge rides, interactive attractions and shows bring alive our favourite stories, cartoons, myths and many more. The Streets of Marvel Super Hero zone, Harry Potter’s Wizarding World, Spider-Man’s Adventures, Dragon Challenge – every corner offers thrill. The water rides of Toon Lagoon splash happy moments with your loving cartoon characters. Fun unlimited 365 days a year, best experienced in winter!

9. Cedar Point, Ohio

This world’s roller coaster capital is referred to as the world’s best amusement park by thrill-seekers. With 120-mph roller coasters that offer 80-degree drops, the adrenaline pump that the visitors get is just beyond words. It also offers the entire family unlimited fun through its various water rides. Stop in to Chickie’s & Pete’s to grab legendary Crabfries! Or if seeking some relaxation time after thrill rides, catch some rays, or go swimming or play beach volleyball along the beautiful Lake Erie at beach property.

10. Busch Gardens, Tampa, Florida

This animal themed park makes the list of theme parks in the US feel complete. The roller coaster collection that it offers along worth non-stop entertainment is complete with their bird gardens and state-of-art animal habitats that home 12,000+ animals that makes it the largest North American zoo. The personal encounters with the amazing animals in natural habitats make for treasured family vacation memories. Again, kids sure enjoy the Sesame Street characters, the Air Grover, Snuffy’s Elephant Romp and many more attractions all-round the year.