Parenting Secrets to Raise Happy Children


Every parent wants to raise children who are happy and successful. There is also research suggesting that happiness in children at an early age is linked to being successful in their adult life when compared to children who are not.

But with so much advice being poured out every single day, it can be quite confusing for the parents about what to do and follow in bringing up happy children. Despite of the varying definition of happiness from one parent to another, parents are always delighted about making their kids feel loved and in turn to allow them to love others. This is because happy kids tend to be strong when faced with difficulties in life and parents can do a lot in making their kids happy. Here are some of the things that parents can do in order to keep their kids happy.

Be Happy Yourself

Unhappy people make less effective parents while happy parents are most likely to have happy children. Not only that, research says that emotional problems in parents are linked to emotional problems in children. Children get learn and absorb a lot of things from their parents – including moods. By taking care of your emotional well-being, you ensure that your child’s emotions are also positive. Cater to your emotional needs by taking out time for yourself and to rest and relax.

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Cultivating a healthy lifestyle where you eat healthy, exercise regularly and sleep well has a long way to go in making yourself happy while it is as much important for your children. Kids, and especially toddlers, spend a lot of time playing and remain active which is itself an exercise by nature. Pay attention to your child’s schedules as they will enjoy most of these schedules and are eager to know what comes next keeping them excited and interested about what comes next.

Foster Connections

It is important for the parents to make the child feel connected with all the members of the family as this fosters happiness in children. Feeling connected helps them feel being loved, wanted, understood and acknowledged. Children will also have a feeling that all their needs are met and they will be free of any emotional stress and risky behaviours. Parents can make the children feel the connection by laughing together with kids, holding their hands and showing empathy when they cry.

Praise Your Child Often

Everyone needs a little bit of praise all the time. It makes us feel important and happy and the same is true with kids too. However, do not praise them too often for everything but for the right stuff. Help kids to foster a growth mind-set as this will help them do better in life. Make sure that you not make the kids feel that they have to do something in order to gain your approval. Making the child believe that achievement is attained through hard work will ensure that they are not worried too much about what others think.

Allow for Success and Failure

Parents should complement the children less and focus more on providing new opportunities for them as this will help kids in learning new skills and building their self-esteem. Mastery is the right foundation for building self-esteem in kids as opposed to praise. Building self-esteem in kids who are under the age of four is quite easy for parents as everything they do at this age gives them a chance to master new skills. Whether they fail or succeed in mastering the skill, they will learn to practice and thus cultivate an attitude to take success and failure equally.

Together with these, parents should try to cultivate an attitude of gratitude and optimistic thinking in kids by teaching them to learn a new habit every now and then. This will help them as they grow into their teen years and start to look at things from a positive angle.