Easy Ways To Teach Your Child To Say “Sorry


Sorry is one of the three magical words along with thank you and please that your child should master with. Teaching your child to say sorry is much harder than it seems like. Many preschoolers avoid apologizing even though they can recognize hurt feelings.

Saying sorry is considered more than just a social gesture. This will help your kid to identify the right from wrong and amend his/her mistakes which further heals the relationship with other kids. Here are some of easy ways to teach your child to say sorry.

Make Connections

Although your child probably notices when her friend or sibling is crying, she may not consider that her own actions could have caused the tears. In order for preschoolers to sincerely apologize, they need to more fully develop their capacity for empathy. Be sure to restate the transgression so your child links it to the apology.

Go Beyond Words

Even with more empathy, apologies aren’t going to come easily for preschoolers. They may feel guilty or embarrassed about their actions and try to avoid admitting blame. Let him/her know that being sorry doesn’t always mean that he did something wrong. Make apologizing easier by suggesting how they could make amends.

Give it Time

If you want your child’s apology to be a heartfelt regret rather than simply magic words to get her out of trouble, don’t insist that she apologize immediately. If the situation needs to be addressed right away, apologize to the other child on your child’s behalf and explain that you will discuss the incident together later.

Show Him Examples

It’s important for your child to see that apologies are accepted and friendships can be patched up. Discuss how one character’s actions impact another character’s emotions. Relate the incident to a social example or narrate an incident from your own childhood to show how you had apologized then.

Stick With The Rules

Don’t forget to establish the needed consequences or follow through with them. Saying sorry for colouring on the walls or pushing doesn’t mean much if she repeats the offence. For instance, you could say to him/her, saying sorry to your brother for pushing him was good. But in this house, the rule is that we take a time-out for pushing.