5 Signs That You Are Over-parenting Your Child


Over-parenting is the parents’ attempt to micromanage their child’s life. While parents are actually well-intentioned to hover over their child constantly as they want to protect their children from any discomfort and prevent them from facing any consequences of their behaviour.

But parents who are over-protective should be aware of the consequences of over-parenting including making their child over dependent and the child’s inability to make decisions on their own or even getting along with their peers. Here are some of the signs that help you from falling into the over-parenting trap.

1. You Get Into Frequent Power Struggles

Frequently arguing with your toddlers to eat their veggies and having constant outburst with teens over their dressing style are some of the sure signs that you are over-parenting. These arguments signal the kids that you are always over-demanding and not allowing them the independence that they need. While you cannot accomplish anything with this behaviour, kids’ temper might flare more as a backfire.

2. You Don’t Allow Your Kid to Make Choices

Kids learn new things and explore new opportunities by trial and error method and it is best to leave them learn naturally. Don’t always tell your kids what is the best dress that suits them or how they can do a certain thing in the best way possible. Micromanaging each and every move of your child will make them over dependent and they’ll not be able to make even simple decisions later in life.

3. You Cannot Tolerate Your Child’s Failure

We all learn from our mistakes. And it’s the same thing with kids. Resist your temptation to spell out the answer if she is struggling with her homework and stay away to see how she manages getting up from a fall during the bicycle ride. It is important for parents to allow children to develop problem-solving skills. This will also teach them how to do things differently.

4. You Fight With Others About How They Treat Your Child

If you find yourself frequently getting into arguments with your kids’ teachers or their friends’ parents about how they treat your child, it is definitely a sign of over-parenting. Kids will learn about new rules and new environment in schools and trying to intervene in such manners will prevent them from learning new things. Teachers or caregivers might even avoid getting into your way which could mean much trouble down the line.

5. You Have High Expectations Irrespective of Their Age

Children need more free time as they learn from their play. Parents who are micromanaging their kids tend to even manage the kid’s free time which actually stems out of their high expectations. First understand what the kid is capable of at her age. If your expectations are not age-appropriate, you might be overburdening your kid which will have an effect on the overall health.