5 Natural Health Remedies for Children


When your child gets sick, heading straight to the drug store is not the best thing to do every time. Over-the-counter medications are not very effective and sometimes they can very dangerous for your little one’s especially the children below 6 months.

However, that doesn’t mean your kid should suffer. Old fashioned home remedies are the best way to help them feel better with minimum or no side effects. Here are the 5 natural health remedies for children.

Breast Milk to Fight Cold or Fever

If your child has caught a cold from you, it might be through a sneeze or germs passed from your hands. Most viruses and bacteria do not spread through breast milk. during the incubation phase of your illness, before you manifest any symptoms, your body is passing on antibodies to help your baby fight off that infection. So breastfeeding is one of the best ways to help your baby fight the infection. always maintain a high level of hygiene while nursing.

Steam That Cold Away

Turn on a hot shower and steam up the room. Then take your baby inside and stay there for 10 minutes. You could also try using a vapourizer or a bucketful of steaming water at a distance so that your child can inhale steam without getting too hot. It is always good to keep a mist vapourizer or a humidifier which comes in handy. Vapour rub is not recommended as it may cause irritation and make your baby uncomfortable.

Tummy Time to Get Rid of Gas

Your baby’s developing digestive system could be creating gas, which is perfectly normal. Gently massaging the tummy, giving some tummy time when your little one squirms around on his tummy, and making cycling movements while the baby is lying on his/her back will help to release gas. If you know that your baby faces gas issues at a particular time of the day, try it a while before that.

Cold towel For Teething Woes

Try a cold towel to ease the discomfort. Dip a soft, clean hand towel or wash cloth in drinking water and squeeze out the excess water. Then, refrigerate it, placing it in a clean container or plastic bag. You can use the cold cloth to massage your baby’s gums. The coldness will numb the pain, and the gentle pressure will have a soothing effect. However, your little one may start chewing on it, so make sure it does not have loose fibre.

Clear Baby’s Nose With Saline Drops

One or two drops of saline solution will help to decongest a baby’s nose, You can mix 1/2 tsp salt with one cup of boiled water to make a solution. Store it in a clean, dry container and use within 24 hours. Use a clean dropper to administer one or two drops per nostril, and a bulb syringe to draw out the mucus later, if needed. Keep your baby’s head elevated, use folded towels instead of an additional pillow.