The Beginners Guide to Modular Kitchen


There was a time when kitchen was the arena restricted only to the use of women. As the days change, the entire family has the access to the art of cooking and it is a great family time to hangon to.

The new design style of kitchen is called the modular kitchen where modern facilities and technologies are incorporated to make the day to day tasks easy and in style! These modular kitchens are a must have to save time and make efficient use of the space provided. You can choose among the amazing styles available for re-designing your kitchen in modular way. Modular kitchens are must if you want a utilitarian kitchen unit in minimum space. Here is the beginners guide to modular kitchen.

Storage Space

The most amazing feature of the modular kitchen is enclosed storage spaces for everything. Right from the stacks where you store your grocery to the dishes and the other cutlery, modular kitchens have drawers that are easy to open and are differently designed for every item. The dishes can go into the large drawer where they fit easily. The cutlery items like spoons, forks and knives can have small sized but elongated drawers. Even the items like kitchen foils, paper towels can be stored into specially designed drawers so that the entire roll can easily fit in.

Easy Accessibility

Another important point to be kept in mind while designing a modular kitchen is the position of the stacks and cupboards in the unit. Items that you require while cooking should be stored near the area you actually cook. Also, the items that are often required in your daily routine should be placed at an easily accessible place. The items that are of lesser priority like the big wok or special cookie cutters are occasionally used, so they can be placed separately. Delicate pieces like china or the expensive wine glasses should have a transparent, glass door closet with proper padding on the shelves.

Laminate Colour and Quality

While planning out modular kitchen designs, make sure you use a good quality laminate to cover the top of your kitchen counter as well as the drawers and closets. A wide range of colour combinations are available and you can opt for the one which suits your kitchen walls and flooring. You can always choose the classic wooden coloured or the white which can go with everything even you change the colour scheme. The laminate is easy to clean, washable and isn’t damaged by heat of fire and hence is the best pick for your modular kitchen.

Open Kitchen Design

If you have an open kitchen, i.e. the kitchen which has no partitioning walls from the living area, modular kitchen is something you should opt for. Modular kitchens are easy to access and a huge space saver. These kitchens are designed in modules which are small utility units designed for different variations including the various cooking activities as well as adequate storage spaces.

Can Order Online

Modular kitchen can be ordered online. These are fixed design sets or units and the skeletons are fit into your existing kitchen according to the size and dimension of the kitchen. But as it is you who is going to work in that kitchen, it is important that the modular kitchen designs you choose are customized according to your needs. Hence, you can do some research and chalk out your own modular kitchen design by combining two or more designs.