How to Buy the Perfect Greenhouse for Your Backyard


Hot or cold, sunshine or overcast, a greenhouse would never let you down when it comes to productive plants. Your greenhouse is an extension of your green thumb. While earlier, the greenhouse was the sole domain of the commercial grower, it is now available for the average, enthusiastic gardener too.

Several new kinds of greenhouses are available now in different types of materials. This has made it easy for people to buy and install greenhouses in their backyards to try their hand at growing stuff.

Check Airiness

While it is nice to have a greenhouse that retains warm air in the cold winter months, this property will kill the plants in the summer since it would lead of overheating. Ventilation is a key factor to check when you are looking to buy a greenhouse. Check it carefully for vents that would allow airflow. Some greenhouses even have exhaust fans for ventilation.

Panel Clarity

This factor is a vital one since the right amount of light must reach the plants to help them grow. There are three different types of panels – clear, semi-diffused, and diffused. All of these benefit the plants in their own way. Check the kind of light your plants would require and go for the appropriate panel. Some greenhouses have hybrid lighting – with one side clear and the other diffused.  

Check Durability

This factor is important because of two things – the cost factor, you wouldn’t want to spend over and over to fix stuff and breakage would destroy the plants too. Check the covering strength of the greenhouse carefully, especially if you are going to place it near tree since the falling braches may be a hazard. It should be sturdy enough to resist impact and hail too.


Do know that glass lets in the most amount of sunlight, and if it is treated well, it will last longer than plastic. You can prevent shattering by applying a layer of transparent safety film on it. If safety is a concern, go for toughened glass since if shattered, its fragments are really small. Glass can also be more easily replaced. However, it is a more expensive option than others.


Your greenhouse plants should be saved from the vagaries of the weather. And the kind of weather you have will determine the kind of greenhouse insulation that would require. It should hold heat adequately since that would help you save on costs incurred on keeping it warm in the chilly winter months. Check your greenhouse’s covering for the degree of insulation it offers to see if that would work for you. 

Some other factors you should keep in while buying a greenhouse are framework, dimensions, roof shape, soil border, water storage, and others. You should also check for UV protection and customizability so that you can have the greenhouse that you need and not settle for just about anything.