Gardening Basics For Beginners


What is Gardening?

Gardening is basically the art or an activity to grow plants. The plants can be of varied choices including ornamental plants like flowering plants that add up to the beauty of the environment around, the useful plants like root vegetables, fruits, leafy veggies and herbs. Gardening is a recommended activity to kill stress, can be a good exercise in itself and is an amazing hobby one can have.

Who wouldn’t like beautiful plants peeping through the patio of your apartment? Or freshly grown veggies and fruits from your own garden? You can lighten up the mood of your office by adding a little garden to your window grill!

Gardening is a hobby that needs passion. You have to leave out all the laziness, be okay with getting your hands and feet muddy once in a while and more importantly, it is like having a child. A good garden need tender care and attention. And if you are up for this, it will reward you with an enchanting experience, an unmatchable joy of creation. Read out the gardening basics for beginners.

Types of Gardening

Vaguely, there are two major types of gardening based on their locations

Residential gardening which takes place near your home. It can be an elaborate backyard, front yard, a patio, a balcony, an atrium, the roof or even something as compact as a window box. This is a private activity, where the family, the people who share the house of just some garden enthusiasts are involved.

Non-residential gardeningwhich takes place in non-residential but social areas. Spaces that are meant for recreation of everyone. This can be parks, public and semi-public gardens, tourists places, zoo’s, amusement parks, garden hotels. Here, the specially appointed staff members take care of the garden.

Based on the kind of gardening concepts, following can be the types

Indoor gardeningHere, the houseplants of various kinds are grown. It may include special facilities like air conditioning or heating systems. The plants are preferably grown in a green house and this gardening is irrespective of the weather around.

Container gardeningThis is one of the simplest styles if gardening where the plants are grown indoor or outdoor in various types of containers. It may include creative little pots, hanging baskets, planters or even old jars. It is usually done on a patio, a balcony or atrium. It is an ultimate space saver garden you can ever have.

Community gardening This is done by involving a group of garden lovers to develop a common land as a garden. This gardening is not restricted to just plants but also can have lawns, ornamental plants, fruiting trees or bigger trees like in the woods depending upon the area available.

Outdoor gardening This gardening includes the garden grown in the backyard, front yard or shared land between the neighbourhood. As it is outdoors, it can have a lot of versatility in the type of plants and trees that can be grown.

Gardening Tips

  • The most important gardening tip is that you provide the plants and trees with ample water. You can use sprinklers, various garden pipes, buckets and other accessories.
  • Different types of plants have varied water needs. Plan your garden with plants of similar needs together to avoid under or over watering.
  • Choose the right soil. Every plant and tree has different soil need. Find out the one required and use it for the same.
  • You can opt for organic fertilizers to ensure good growth of your garden
  • Start with easy plants. A fun introduction to gardening is growing vegetables as they don’t take much time to grow.
  • Some plants and trees need protection from excessive sunlight, so make sure you cover them with a green fabric especially available.
  • Personalise your garden with your design ideas, arrangement of plants and also the in the little pathways (if it is an outdoor garden) according to your choice. You can add up little coffee tables, cane stools to have an evening or early morning break in the garden.
  •  When you are opting for container gardening, choose cute pots, paint old mason jars and add the DIY touch to your garden.
  •  To avoid crowding space the plants accordingly which also allows enough room for new growth.
  • Gardening doesn’t just happen in one day, it is a process, it takes time, so be patient.

Gardening is one big love you can have, so make sure you do not pressurize yourself to have a particular one. Love the space available and utilise it in the best way possible. Love your plants and trees. They can be your best friends! Happy gardening!