Dining Room Decorating Ideas


We all are well acquainted by the fact that the ‘Family that eats together, stays together’. How true! Family meals are the best occasions to bond, discuss personal ideas and share random thoughts.

Dining room hence becomes one important place in the house which has to have all the comfort one needs to open up. While the interior decorator will make your dining room like the one is big restaurants, it should preferably be the way your family likes it. Right from the kids to oldies to the friends that hop in for a quick brunch, dining room is one big chatterbox station. There are number of dining room decorating ideas to choose from to add the spark to your dining room without disturbing its unique personalised appearance. Here are a few dining room decorating ideas

  • The most important point to keep in mind while planning out dining room decorating ideas is the location of dining room in your house. It should be centred and also should be easily accessible from the entire house. Emphasize on keeping the dining room nearest to the kitchen to move the items without any hassle.
  • Pick the dining table of right size. You do not want to waste the space with a huge table if you have a nuclear family. If a lot of people come over, you can pitch in foldable chairs and portable stools.
  • Another important point to keep of mind among all the other while scribbling in dining room designing ideas is that there is ample light in the room. Even if natural light is unavailable, you can select a beautiful lamp shade that suits the shade of your furniture and the walls of the dining room.
  • While planning the furniture arrangement of dining room, make sure you pick at least two tables. One for actual eating and other as a serving unit. The tables can be of classical wood or you can pick the ones with laminate covering the furniture. This laminates is washable and hence can be cleaned every efficiently.
  • Your dining room is better is it has storage space for all your cutlery items and your fancy crockery. Display your collection of glasses and make a statement. You can stack all the essentials like herbs and sauces with a diy design and place them on your table. Place mats with funny quotes or even family photos and add a personal touch to the dining room designing ideas.
  • Your dining room can be a place where your family comes together and can have a peaceful conversation. So make sure you put in little item of everyone’s choice. It can photo frames, souvenirs from places, projects of your kids and a unique item like a chalkboard where menu and specials can be added to add fun to the routine.